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Feelings: Ambition

Updated on November 4, 2011

I wrote this during one of the many times I get impatient with the current state of affairs I am in. Occasionally I feel like the world isn't able to keep up with me and I have to calm myself down and take deep breaths otherwise I'd go crazy.

I will not settle for mediocrity!
My life is as the sun.
A solar flare into eternity, my will, never undone.
With all of my being, keeping me forever on, I will achieve what I need to thrive.
An urge, a desire, my passion, this drive cannot be sated
until a time has come when I've realized my aspects and my hunger has been quenched.

It envelopes me, it is consuming me.
I'm at the point where I no longer care about the consequences of my conquest.
My aspirations will be realized and the world will quake at my rebirth.
A journey has been set in motion, one that will take me beyond the void.
Step onto the platform if you dare, I didn't ask for your permission nor do I care

It is the closest it has been for me,
A tangible thread over the hill no more.
I am grasping at more than straws and the rest are bowling pins in my rage,
to those that know me take heed and withdraw. I'm not some mild or somber nonsense maker,
I hide my true face from every one I know. I hide my true face from myself sometimes.
The fires have been burning for eons.

This expression isn't doing justice to my rapacity... beware.


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  • CodeMaster profile image

    CodeMaster 6 years ago from Alaska, Anchorage

    Thanks CloudExplorer, this poem is one that truly expresses my impatience at life sometimes. It takes the utmost of self control in not going absolutely crazy at how slow my progress is.

  • CloudExplorer profile image

    Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

    Intense words of fiery fury, that inferno you have inside, must be like the core of the earth and especially appears like that of the sun outstanding its galaxy. Nice hub!

    Voted up for creativity & interestingly awesome.

  • CodeMaster profile image

    CodeMaster 6 years ago from Alaska, Anchorage

    Truly flattering Flo23. I thank you very much ^_^

  • Flo23 profile image

    Flo23 6 years ago from Ireland

    An absolute work of art I loved it....!!