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Feelings From Within

Updated on April 15, 2013

While gazing on a cool brisk evening

And contemplating celestial beings

My heart can scarcely take it in

With the beauty I receive from them

Is it the sun that gives moon’s worth

From beams cast around the earth

does not the sun provide earth’s warmth

brightening each day as they come forth

Does the moon need light from the sun;

To cast dreams and have loves tribute spun?

Or does it stand firm each night and linger on

While poems are cast and songs are sung

What of stars poised as points in space

That springs thoughts to another time and place

Or used as back grounds for romance

And urges hearts to take a chance

I love the sun and on its warmth rely

The moon as it lights the evening sky

The peace stars seem to instill in me

So how could I choose between the three? ©


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Title :: Feelings From Within

Category :: Poetry

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