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My Felicia

Updated on June 27, 2017

I am here now, Felicia
I came as soon as I heard
You look beautiful;
But not as beautiful as when you lived and should

It is me, Felicia
The guy you grew up with
I remember those times,
When innocence was our favorite weed

Do you remember, Felicia
When we used to stay up so late?
We snuck in the school,
In the middle of the night in the football field

We were young then, Felicia
But we made a pinky promise
We created dreams,
While we stare at stars that never seem to crease

I left, Felicia
But we promised to keep in touch
We still held on to our promises,
But I grew tired in a rush

We grew up, Felicia
Time flew by so fast
You see, I got very busy,
My world just got too vast

You were left, Felicia
It wasn't my fault
You held on to me,
But I forgot you as I never should

You were depressed, Felicia
And I had a life full of ease
You were melancholic,
And you stared at stars with a face that creased

What happened, Felicia
The life snapped off of you like a twig
You were found cold,
Melancholy engulfed you to a dark pit

You died, Felicia
I should have held on to the promises we used to create
You left a note,
It said 'nobody cares until it's too late'

I am here now, Felicia
I came as soon as I heard
I remembered you,
But it was late and on your grave I stood


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    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 9 months ago

      It's beautiful and very sad. I like it :)