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Feline Huntress

Updated on March 16, 2017

First Story...

They were young. Inexperienced.

She knew this as she glanced at her brother and sister. Their mother had left them to fend for themselves, yet she had taught them all they needed to know about hunting. Still, her siblings and her were skinny and hungry. They had been following a herd of gazelle for days, but for once it seemed as if a sickly one had separated itself from the group.

Knowing they didn't have much time, she gave a small chirp to alert her siblings before crouching to slip closer towards the prey. They both followed close behind her, blending in among the tall grass.

Once they had closed in enough, she launched forward. Speed closed the distance between them, but she knew this creature could be fast as well. With luck, it hadn't noticed her until she was on top of it. The rest of the herd had scattered.

As it attempted to follow the herd, she remained right behind it. Wind shifted through her fur, blowing it wildly as she kept up the pursuit.

It turned, and she turned with it. In desperation, it tried to turn again but she was relentless. Her brother had cut ahead though, launching out to trip it with his front paw. They bit the victim randomly, attempting to remember how to cause a killing bite.

Her sister walked up, panting from the long dash before reaching down to bite its neck. In moments, the life was gone leaving them with the remaining prey.

The three of them had to eat quickly. At any moment the prey could be stolen, so they gorged themselves as much as possible before anyone could arrive to make the hunters into prey.

Second Story...

Silence. Teamwork. Stealth.

The trained huntress made her way through the undergrowth. Sprouts of golden grass hid her pelt well as she positioned herself.

Across the small clearing was her grandmother; the oldest and most experienced among their group of which had chosen the target for the day. Her daring mother was hidden behind a bush, blocking one path alone. The other escape was guarded by her sisters. Everything was in place.

As for the victim, it had wandered away from the herd to nibble on a fresh patch of green grass. The striped creature was unsuspecting of the danger that now laid in wait around it. They waited, allowing the prey to feel comfortable. A false sense of security would help with a more successful hunt. This didn't stop her ear from twitching in impatience.

It felt as if forever had passed before the grandmother was the first to launch their attack.

Before the creature realized what was happening, its hooves were rushing to escape. In the distance, the rest of the herd rushed away from the impending doom. Their victim stampeded right towards her. It would have ran right into her waiting jaws, but excitement overtook reasoning causing her to leap out too early.

Her claws slid out, slashing at the exposed underbelly as the creature reared up in surprise. It turned to rush towards another escape, unknowingly blocked off by her inexperienced twin daughters.

Grandmother launched towards where the prey had once been, instead colliding into her knocking them both to the ground. Her mother raced past them, close to the victim's heels.

She struggled to her feet, clumsily following with her grandmother close behind.

All she could do was watch as her children attacked. One dug her claws into its neck as the other threw herself into the creature's side. It dug its hooves into the daughter hanging onto its neck, but she had given them enough time to catch up.

First her mother threw herself on the victim's back, followed by her latching onto its neck as the grandmother clawed at the legs. The creature collapsed to its knees, falling over to take its final breaths. They all waited in their position, watching each other while waiting to ensure that the beast was deceased.

After a good amount of time had passed, they released their grips. Her mother left to gather the cubs that were being watched by her sister.

The daughter that had been stomped on seemed to have some scars, but otherwise seemed fine. They each backed off as the leading male arrived, allowing for him to have his fill before them.

There was plenty to eat. She wasn't worried, patiently laying down to wait her turn.

Third Story...

Claws gripped into the bark of the branch, steadying herself as she waited. She was patient, watching the forest path below that was flattened by prey that had previously passed through. An opportunistic hunter, she was prepared to hunt anything that passed beneath her.

With luck, it happened to be a deer. She bunched her muscles together, prepared to leap as she watched it walk down the path. She had been waiting for a good amount of time, but she was prepared to wait longer. It stopped, smelling the air before continuing. Caution didn't matter here; the danger still lurked undiscovered.

It walked beneath her branch. She was ready. As it finished passing beneath, she dropped down from the tree. The weight of pure muscle crushed the deer into the ground, snapping its spine. She was quick, biting the space between the horns and ears.

There was a crack as the skull shattered, and she finished the kill by biting directly into the brain. The creature didn't even know what had attacked it, for it was dead before it could even look. A quick death.

She wasn't done yet. With rippling muscles, she dragged the entire body up the tree she had just dropped down from. Only when it was safely on the branch did she begin to eat.

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© 2017 Alexis Chantel


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