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Female Reaper

Updated on October 19, 2012

She walked in the rain, watching the city lights reflect in the puddles on the street. Wrapping her coat tightly around her shoulders, she shivered. Suddenly the knowing came upon her, the familiar knowing that it was to happen again. She tired of performing this duty or calling of hers. . . Breathing rapidly she began to rise the tactile from her sexual chakra up her solar plexus and out through the heart. As usual, she tried to release the tactile from her crown chakra, but as usual, God himself declined the offer. It was only a matter of time before she saw it, the hell being she had raised to earth. She turned the corner, ran behind a dumpster as the naseau hit. As she had many times before, she puked. She always did when it was a lower realm being. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she decided to run back to her weekly rental in the heart of the city. She wasn’t afraid, but she didn’t know if she wanted to see it. Presently, during the course of her run, she saw it anyway. It was wearing a black cape, and she could feel it before she saw it. Pale white face with dark circles under the eyes, reddish lids slightly swollen. It was a male. It nodded ever so slightly when it saw her, a nod of respect and thankfulness. Then in flurry of black smoke it dematerialized, only to be reappearing in another locale, she knew, to complete its mission. She still felt nauseous.

She slept like the dead that night. When the sun was just rising, she went into the kitchen to prepare a cup of yerba matte. Idly, her sleep-ridden mind wandered toward the latest hell creature. She had come to accept that she would never know their business, it was just her occupation to be their vehiclicular transport to this realm. She thought of it no more, and decided to go to the local market to pick up something for her one meal of the day, the noonday meal.

The open air market was bustling with activity. There were children, laughing and running in circles around their matronly mothers, the booth owners called out, hawking everything from soap to pies. The clientele was mixed, both male and female. As she watched a man picking over the avocados, trying to feel for a ripe one, she suddenly felt waves of another tactile, this one much more powerful than the last, from yesterday. Her shoulderblades ached as the black feathered wings appeared…She felt so powerful, so omnipotent, it was beyond belief. This feeling was a guilty pleasure for her, the feeling of extreme evil that she knew was her in her perfected nature and birthright. She breathed deeply, not the hyperventilation of the previous day, but a breath of exaltation. She knew right as it was happening that she would condemn these people immediately to the Underworld, and with her inner eye she could see who was good in this human race and who wasn’t by the luminosity of their aura. She had to admit that in today’s age, there were not many who would remain standing. A strong wave of golden energy released from her heart chakra, she could see it circumambulate the market, and as it did, it stole the souls from the bodies of the condemned, gradually becoming stronger in strength with each one that it killed. The people fell like flies, in midsentence, midstep, admist their buying and selling. The shop owners fell for greed, and the mileu fell for their sins. She knew the sin of each person that fell, the children started crying and screaming and unsurprisingly went down as well. When the golden energy returned to her heart it rushed through her solar plexus and went out the lower sexual chakra with a feeling of reverse kundalini…

Judgement day was every day for her. One sole male remained standing in the market. He looked her straight in the eye, he knew her as the Reaper, and she was shocked to see that this did not bother him. What possible creature could he be, to avoid the wave of annihilation? Her wings folded and retreated, the feeling subsided and she wondered how she was to get her eggs for her meal now? The man was actually approaching her to speak. This was a rarity. The human race was bound for extinction and she knew her duty, her occupation was to judge them. Why had he been spared?


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