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Game Of Thrones.

Updated on June 17, 2019

Feminism in a Fictional World.

Feeling entitled to make your own decisions creates a sense of empowerment. Empowerment is the process that creates power in the individuals over their own lives, society and in their communities. Empowerment includes raising the status of women through education and raising awareness etc.

Game of Thrones, a global phenomenon worldwide, out of its many lessons, gave a tenor on women empowerment in its elusive way.

For those of you who have read my previous article, the following are the two events that had a significant impact on the survival of House Stark, showed us when difficulty reaches its extent women can go toe to toe with men. One Event was the red wedding and the other one was the battle for Winterfell.

Three main Houses, the Lanisters, the Freys, and the Boltans conspired to destroy a single house, only because it was becoming too powerful under a Lannister hegemony. They knew they can’t defeat them in a battle so they conspired to decimate it at a wedding.

The second event exhibits vengeance taken by Jon Snow for his Family from the Boltans, who betrayed the Starks. He not only avenged his family but also took back control in the north.

Arya, the youngest girl of the Stark family vanquished House Frey all at once by herself. She waited a long time to avenge her mother’s murder and when it came, she was enough for all of them.

For those of you who’ve watched the series, relive these events as they were the most conspicuous and quite breathtaking at the same time.

The firstborn of Eddard Stark, the eldest of them all was horribly killed at his cousin’s wedding. He was killed along with his wife and mother. The couple just learned about they were expecting their first child, right before the event and were celebrating along, until tragedy ripped them apart.

After seeing her children being slaughtered, she gathered her strength and stood on her feet. For indeed the pain she was confronting now, was nothing as compared to the pain she felt at the time of her life when she was honored with her first ever child and braced it graciously for nine straight months. To see him in this vulnerable condition, among the ruthless murderers she could not bear, something happened. Against all her odds, she managed to walk to the Lord with an arrow struck on her back and one on her leg. Time stood still as the house witnessed with all their conscience, a mother pleading for the life of her child. She had nothing for the exchange of her son's life, except the honor the Starks had for generations.

She reminded them who she was, the wife of an honored man of the honored house to which they all had sworn allegiance. She even swore she'll forget the matter as if it never happened, just to let her legacy live, just let her son go. But the Lord said, why would he do that, what benefit will he get, if he spared her son’s life? For indeed he was promised gold by the lanisters. The Earth shattered after seeing what its inhabitants did to a Mother of five. The mother saw her firstborn stabbed to death in front of her, those eyes which glowed with full joys of spring when they first saw her own flesh and blood, were just left Hopeless. She accepted her fate and they slit her throat to death.

All the main lords of House Starks and those who pledged their loyalty to them, served them well indeed, till the end and died, except for the Boltans as they were the only ones who betrayed them. It took three houses to destroy one audacious house for indeed, they were far too be brave to be destroyed all for once. In order to destroy such a dauntless house, one must have to plant the seed of betrayal and that’s exactly what the Lanisters did and used the Boltans, as their bait, whom the Young Lord, Robb Stark trusted blindly, and that's how this great house was pulled apart from their roots.

Catelyn Stark, indeed played a strong role of a mother, reminding all of us again that God gave mothers a status not just like that, He had a reason, a purpose that is the reason why He chose them after Himself.

The Lanisters, the Freys, and the treacherous Boltans played their game indeed and thought they played it well but who knew, the very same house will turn their worst nightmares into reality, especially as the Boltans and the Freys had no idea, what was coming for them. For indeed when a wolf comes with vengeance, all the animals, not even the Lion is able to stand its ground. (Viewers will know what this means).

The battle for Winterfell was the consequence of the death of Eddard Stark’s fourth son who was held captive by the Boltans and was murdered in front of them. The Battle was heavily outnumbered for the Starks, as they had lost their Majority before in red wedding, were breathing their last verge of existence when more armed forces joined them and defeated the Boltans.

Sansa, the elder of the two sisters made a pact with the knights of Vale, another ally of House Stark, just days before her Valiant Bastard Brother officially declared the war against the Boltans, despite having fewer men, as many of the noble the household who’ve pledged themselves for centuries forcibly abandoned their perpetual pledge as they’ve just witnessed the brutal massacre of the same honored house their ancestors pledged themselves and stood beside this audacious house, for centuries. The Knights of Vale, the only house that responded to Sansa‘s call and succored to House Stark. As much as Jon played a major role in destroying the Boltans, Sansa played hers assuring the house extinction from its history.

Arya the assassin took the House Frey all by herself. She first murdered the two sons of their lord and carved them into a pie. Then she disguised herself as a slave and offered it to the Lord who ate them without knowing what was in it. She then killed him just like the way her mother was decimated, he was slit throat to death.

Master of disguise, she now came in as their lord, wearing his filthy face mask as she knew what this thing meant for her, and had to be done. She called a meeting, in which all the members of the house were invited. After boasting their morale for bravely murdering an unarmed house, she won their trust first and then called for a toast. For indeed this toast they all cheered for, was in fact, an announcement for their death. She melded the strongest poison she could possibly find, in their wine. While all the house cheered for the death of House Stark, she also cheered but for House Frey, for she knew there annihilation was just around the corner, seconds later the house breathed their last, as the poison was quite strong to be melded in a drink. It took three houses to destroy one but when a girl, a teenager took her family’s revenge, all that rage, that helplessness she endured all those years was indeed jolted down in her and she waited. For she knew her time will come and when it did she maneuvered it beautifully with her grace. She vanquished the house completely from its existence as if it was never there. It was truly a shame for them all. A girl vanquished the whole house and tore it down completely, whereas three families couldn’t even manage to eradicate a single house. For truly these families deserved honor for destroying a great house and an ‘honored shame’ is all they could get.

Indeed, when the deep roots of honor and loyalty are planted, strength instinctively finds it's way within.

The history witnessed two Stark girls, after losing everything they had, wiped out two great houses from their roots, only with their honor and dignity. Reminding all of those who once thought this great house was destroyed, it stands here with all of its prestige and honor. The North Remembers House Stark. Indeed, when a Wolf is invoked to its core, it becomes more ferocious than the Lion.

No matter how contentious this series was, but the show conveyed some serious message on the importance of women.

Apart from real-life examples we see in our lives, this series subtly showed the young generation the potential of a woman, its status and strength through a fiction.

Two girls orphaned in their teenage, ripped apart from their family, left alone over a barrel on the society, managed to vanquish two great houses, the Boltans, and the Freys is indeed a prodigy in itself.

Without women, the whole human species would cease to exist. She is a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, enters in the life of a man as a wife and helps him to continue his lineage, becomes a mother and then a grandmother providing her wisdom to the family. So as far as the status of men is concerned, women should be given the same importance as they are no indifferent to them.

If you want something ask men but if you want things to be done ask a woman.

A woman is a blessing for Men. Respect them.

Written by:

Syed Irtaza Rehman.


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