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Great Women and Girls

Updated on September 29, 2014

We Still Need Feminism

This lens discusses why feminism is needed--still! I write feminist poetry, flash and short stories because we still need feminism. Is it any wonder girls still don't like science? Millions of women science teachers exist. For something to be real, seeing it in the larger culture is a must. Where are the female scientist in the SF stories. Where are the female scientist in movies? Oh we had Seven of Nine on Voyager...O wait a minute wasn't she a computer. She was aka taken over, raped, defeated and turned into a library-sex machine. Okay, the Borg didn't rape her. They did what Borg Civilization always does, clone, absorb and change someone into one of their own. Gee though that sounds like what women have become. Must women become men to be accepted into society? S. Palin hunting down wolves in helicopters! Come on. Read on. This gets complicate and tricky very fast.

Friday Feminist Fuck You Videos

First True Feminist Poll

Which of these women is a feminist?

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Quicky Sticky Note: Is Feminism half-empty or half-full?

We can disagree on what women/girls really want. We can't disagree women/girls are female!

Last True Feminist Poll

Discussing the "P" word! Yeah!

In Feminism, the "P" word refers to what?

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You Tube -- Feminism

Reader Feedback Forget That! - Feminist. Say hi and list your most important feminist resources in the comment box.

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      Hypnosis-Expert 8 years ago

      Great Lens. I rated it 5 stars... Check out my related lens on Feminization Hypnosis.