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Feritle Thoughts Unleashed.

Updated on January 13, 2010


Fertile Thoughts Unleashed.  


Snow melt becomes
budding tulips,
poking green feelers
into the brisk air,
while forsythia's blossom
in massive yellow swirls,
as if God is a frenzied painter,
spattering the canvas of the world.

Daffodils blow
their golden trumpets,
as birds whistle along,
decorating my clothesline
like a long feathered boa.

Creatures scurry about
in a furry hurry
gathering sustenance
long denied while they were
sleepy dwellers in the
-nation of Hiber-.

Puddles dot the landscape
mirroring the blue skies
that bore them.

Bright colored domes
stretch and dance along sidewalks,
attached by thin handles to
all the wanna stay drys.

It is then that I
recognize Spring

her sweet perfume wafting,
such a lovely lady
waiting outside my door,
in forget-me-not shoes
and a lovely emerald gown,
stretching in a long
trail behind her.


"When spring's sprung, I am flung from my couch,
that housed me in winter's blues, to dance in its splendor."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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