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Festival of Harvests (1)

Updated on May 13, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

From Left, Grand-daughter, Mummy and Last Born
From Left, Grand-daughter, Mummy and Last Born | Source

Farming is the major

Work in the island

Out of all the islands

That make up the country

This island is unique

And she has been

Christened the “essential Island”

Because food is essential commodity

The island did not get to

That position by chance

The people of the island get

There by hard work

For the founding fathers

Of this island having

Left their former country

During the famine period

They have determined to

Build their island on

Agriculture and mostly farming

And this they have been doing

Handing over this work

To the generations after

Them. They added fun

Into the farming when

They decided to be

Celebrating festival of harvests

During this festival

Outstanding farmers would gather

Their harvested products at

The harvesting pavilion center

And each competitor would put

Identification marks on what they have gathered

Having put identification mark

There they would go

And drop their identity

At a place

Through the pigeonhole because

The place is always

Locked with five different

Padlocks with each key

On the five judges that

Are usually selected on

The festival day of

Previous year. In case

One dies among them

Or one becomes terribly sick

Before the D-Day they

Would appoint another person

From his family to replace

Him. The five different keys

Were given to each judge to

Ensure safety of those things

Used as marks as they also

Appoint people to be monitoring the

Loads lest they be tampered with

And prevent favoritism from any

Of the jurists while accessing

The harvests of each farmer. After the

Judges have made their decisions and

Cast their votes as per determining who

The winner would be for the year

The room would be unlocked to search

For the identification of the first three

People who have won that year’s competition

The award for the winner

Is receiving 5 percent of

The harvests that

Each farmer must take

To the store house

Of the island every

Harvest time. What those

Farmers contribute are used

To develop the island.

It is a must for

All farmers to bring

Theirs’ without being

Forced to do so.

The person who comes second

Receive 3 percent of this

While the farmer who comes third would receive one percent

In addition to this

They would have access

To three servants, two servants

And one servant in that order

To work with them

To boost their work

The following planting season

That day is usually

Holiday period in the

Island where people rest

From their works, marrying

And sharing gifts among themselves

The talented ones among

Them would entertain everybody

At the island square with local songs

And drama taken the scene of the entertainment

The maidens and guys

Who are yet single

During this time become

Close to themselves while some accepted

Their lover’s proposals on

Seeing his works that day. For no

Lass wants to marry a

Lazy person

Thus, the island grows

As it becomes a healthy

Competition among them

Each farmer would want

To exceed the other

Farmer during the festival

Of the harvests. Thus,

The revenue of the island

Grow tremendously and the

Island leaderships could execute

Community projects without taken

Loans from external sources

There was a man

Who has five sons

But the second son

Was the slowest of

All the farmers’ sons

When they get to farm

To work. This man

Has won third place prize

On three different occasions

By which he also

Has a name among

The reputable farmers in the island.

This man hopes that

His sons would one

Day exceed him, taking

The first or second position

During the festival of

The harvests. But he

Has been disturbed about

His second son because of

His slow speed on

The farmland, he

Often talks to him on

The need to work

On himself it he

Wants to be at

Par with his colleagues

After he graduated from him

The son would always

Tell his father that

He is trying and

He would continue

To work on himself

On this was he

Till their father sets

Them up given each

The portion of his

Land to start working

As an independent farmer

Free from him

Over the times this

Son has studied himself

And has discovered that

Though he is not fast

Like others but he

Could work for longer

Hours than them and

By that the

Work that other do

In 30 minutes, it would

Take him 90 minutes or more

To do the same work.

However, when others get

Tired he would make

It up and sometimes overtake

Them because he does not

Get tired quickly. His

Own style is “slow and steady win the race”

Having discovered this,

He started employing that means

For now he has become

Independent, no one could force

Him to stop work when

He is not ready to stop.

For now he is not

Reporting to anyone. The

Portion of land given to

Each one is far from


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