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Fiction: Extracting The Truth

Updated on November 8, 2013

'Mr Peters, you've picked up the wrong ones again!' she said, passing the folder back to her boss.

'How did I manage that?' he asked.

'Leave the paperwork and administration to me. You go be a brilliant dentist and I'll stay here and be a brilliant receptionist, OK?' she teased.

Mr Peters nodded vaguely. 'Could you call the next patient, Louise?' he replied, looking around for his glasses.

'I'm Kelly,' she sighed. 'Louise left four years ago.' She took Mr Peters' spectacles from the top of his head and placed them in his hand.

'Luke Da Silva?' Kelly called into the waiting room.

Tasty, she thought as a young man got up. She smiled as he passed and was rewarded with a devastating grin.

'How did you get on?' she asked when he emerged, clutching his file notes.

'Brilliant! I have to make another appointment. That means I can see you again,' he replied, his dark eyes boring into her.

She hid her smile by looking through the appointment book.

'A filling?' she asked.

'Yes, but under general anaesthetic,' he replied.

Kelly glanced at him, surprised.

'Can't stand needles,' he said. 'Does that make me a wimp?'

'Not at all,' laughed Kelly. 'Means I won't be able to book you in for another three weeks, though.'

'I can't wait that long to see you again. Have a drink with a wimp tonight?' he asked.

Luke proved to be irresistable company. Kelly agreed to see him again. And again... And almost every evening for the next three weekds.

One night she watched him sleeping and thought how perfectly right he looked in her bed.

'Stay the night?' she whispered.

His eyes opened sleepily and he reached out to stroke her hair. 'Can't,' he said. 'Early start.'

'You never stay the whole night. I want to wake up with you,' she pleaded.

'And have you see me first thing without my make-up?' he grinned and pulled her to him. "Sorry. No can do."

The next morning was Luke's appointment for the filling and Kelly ushered him into the reclining chair.

'Mr Peters won't be long,' she reassured him.

She glanced at the notes. Not again! 'I'll get your notes. According to these, you're Mr Franklyn and believe me, you wouldn't want to be today!'

She was hunting out Luke's notes when the phone rang.

'Could you ask Mr Da Silva to ring his wife as soon as he comes out please. It's urgent.'

For a moment, Kelly didn't understand. 'I'm sorry,' she stuttered. 'Who's calling?'

'This is Mrs Da Silva.'

Kelly rang off. Luke couldn't be married - there must be a mistake.

'I've just had a phone call from a woman claiming to be your wife,' she said casually. 'Is someone winding you up?'

'No,' he said wickedly. 'Come on, you didn't think you were the only girl in my life, did you? It doesn't make any difference to us. We can still have fun.'

'Sorry to keep you waiting,' interrupted Mr Peters. 'Pop this mask over your mouth and nose.'

Stumbling out of the surgery, Kelly felt tears of anger pricking her eyes. As she brushed away the tears, she noticed with a wry smile that the top folder she was carrying was labelled "Da Silva, Luke."

'Who have we got here? Ah, Mr Franklyn,' muttered Mr Peters to his unconscious patient as he glanced throuhg the notes. He frowned and looked again into the patient's mouth. Odd. Still, if he'd written "Full dental extraction" he must have had a good reason, even if he couldn't recall it just now. Mr Peters picked up his pliers and got to work.


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    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 4 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      Ha ha ha! Brilliant! What sweet revenge, I love it!

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