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Fiction or not of past lives

Updated on April 14, 2014

Short story of past lives


Short Story: Fantasy

Rita Shertick

Evelyn’s eyes scanned the room as she entered the library for her

monthly book club meeting. OK, there was Nathan, already seated in his usual

place chatting with Frasier and Marion, her white cane leaning against the

table. A small smile tipped up her lips. Since her meeting with her

meditation group last week she understood some of the interactions here

better. Almost all the twelve members were there. Frasier nodded to her as he

whispered into Marion’s ear. Than Marion’s southern drawl filled the air with

her greeting, “Evening Evelyn, Ah hope ya’ll had time for a decent dinnah

between work and now?”

Evelyn replied, “Yes thank you. And let me compliment Frasier on

matching your turquoise all so well. But Frasier, next time match the plain

turquoise to either the plaid or the floral, but not both.”

“What” shrieked Marion and turning to her husband. “You said they all


“But, but dear,” he sputtered “To me they do all match, and I’m

wearing a matching turquoise necktie. After 40 years you know my sense of

fashion. Does this mean you’ll divorce me?”

Marion’s expression softened immediately as she replied “If we

divorced how could I find someone to take care of this blind old wrinkled

white haired woman. I guess we’re just stuck together.” And they continued

in lowered voices. Nathan assured her he noticed nothing amiss in how she

was dressed.

Evelyn slipped into an empty seat next to Maurice smiling at him.

This was only his second time attending, but he seamlessly joined the group,

and she wanted to get to know him better.

Maurice whispered to her, “They did almost the same thing last time.

Shertick page 2

Is this a monthly ritual?”

Evelyn nodded “In the two years I’ve been coming, yes. They don’t like

open displays of affection, but they are devoted to each other. When they

can’t find the book on tape, he reads her the whole thing.”

Evelyn eyed Maurice again, a business attired gentleman with a bulging

briefcase on the floor by his feet. “So tell me how you came to our group?

You don’t seem to have a lot of time for leisure reading.”

He laughed, “Is it that obvious? In college I loved English, but

found more jobs in accounting. Setting up my own business after

working for others means bringing home work at night. This is a way to

remind myself I have a life outside of work.”

“Ah ha” Evelyn thought “He’s still working as an independent business man.”

Two more people joined the group and Hilga, the self appointed leader,

looked at her watch and announced it was time to get started. Most everyone

already had their book out and favorite passage marked to read. This month

the book had been an oldie but goodie, The Celestine Prophesy By James


As Hilga began reading, she always went first, Evelyn’s mind wandered

back to her meditation group last week. How incredible it had been. Normally

they do a tape about feeling the oneness with God, or a life pathway by

listening to your God given instincts, which are His internal directions.

But one of the members, Noemi, had brought a past life regression tape, and

they agreed to try it. She was still blown away by the results.

She and Noemi, both had the same vision of being together, dressed in

ball gowns in 1732 Dutch Royal Court. Jaden from their group was also in

court with them. She was a lady in waiting, and a favorite of the court to

Shertick page 3

sing. Jaden was visiting from Spain, and Noemi was her singing teacher. She

was instructing them on singing duets. Maybe, Evelyn mused, that’s why when

she was told by her high school music teacher that she was tone deaf, it took

her by surprise. But she still liked to sing along with the radio.

For the next meditation they were in Missouri as settlers, and most of

her library group was there. Frasier and Marion were her parents, she was

Jeb, Nathan’s older brother, Maurice was the traveling photographer, Hilga

was the town banker.

Nathan, he was called Doug than, was an expert marksman, he did most

of the hunting for the family and the town celebrations. There was talk of

banning him from the annual shoot out, just so someone else could have first

place for a change. Nathan currently loved his laser tag and paint ball

outings, so he was still into hitting targets with great accuracy.

Frasier and Marion were their parents. Marion loved to make apple pies

before her eyesight went, and in the past life, she coordinated the cooking

for the town’s festivities, with her pies being very much sought after.

Fraiser was the entrepreneur of the family, with the vision to move them all

to the frontier and set up the farming and ranching. Now he was a retired

college professor, but still went to an occasional college board meeting, and

was a guest lecturer. He had made great changes at the school, and it was one

of the best in the nation.

Evelyn, as Jeb, was in charge of the horses. Maybe that’s why one of

her goals for next year was horseback riding lessons. Also as Jeb, she had

musical talent, she played the harmonica at all the barn dances as part of

the local band.

This is still a work in progress. I want to show more of the same personality traits, suggestions welcome how to proceed. Should I show more similarities, or discuss more people in the group, and or both.


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