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Fictional Finalism

Updated on August 3, 2015

Fictional finalism is a philosophy that was introduced by Alfred Adler. Alfred Adler was born in 1870 in one of the urban centers in Vinna. The basic tenet of this theory is that individuals are more or off influenced by objectives and ideas, which they create by themselves. In addition, they are also influenced by the potential to succeed in future than they are influenced by past events (Hoffmann, 2004).

Fictional finalism presents a direction on the decisions to be made concerning oneself. Even though individuals might have a rough idea concerning their image, they scarcely ever understand it. Although the image might be tempered with, the common direction throughout an individual’s life remains the same. Adler explained that each mental phenomenon discovered a fresh the characteristic of quest of an objective, and all our faculties, powers, wishes, fears and experiences, capacities and defects fall into track with this characteristic (Adler & Brett, 2009).

Adler’s concept differed with those of other psychologists such as Freud because of the believe that the conscious and unconscious worked together towards achieving fictional finalism. He went on to state that individual’s way of life is incomparable, which may be positive or negative. Adler did not prefer to categorize people in groups but rather preferred to describe the basic lifestyle using simple means.

He argued that there exist four major types of people; three out of the four are negative (Guerrero-Bosagna, 2012). The type that rules tries controlling others. There are also the getting type who tends to be passive and are comfortable moving along with the ideals of others, they are generally not inventive.

The other group is the avoiding type, who tend to isolate themselves in order to avoid defeat, they normally are very cold. The last type is the socially useful type who endeavors to do good for the society and values controlling their lives.


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