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Updated on April 19, 2016
With all my life, I love
You; I have never

wanted anyone else; I
have always wanted to
be with you...

I plan to build a
Home where you

Will be the queen
I want you to be
the mother of my kids

To hold your hand
When things get rough
And destiny yearns

Whenever I work or
When I play, nothing

Else runs in my

I want to wake up
And sleep beside you
I wanted to devote my

Life to you; to spend my
Days making you

The queen of my life…
And my nights warming
Up in your embrace…

Your body next to mine
…As we kiss, roses fall
From the sky

…as we touch, heaven
Comes down to us
I have always wanted

To give you the world
And walk down the aisle

But I can’t....
Because my wife will kill me. 


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