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Field of Black

Updated on December 27, 2010

Alone I stand


Alone I stand in a field of black,

my suffering is shared with the wind. 


I look beyond and see the sun,

 shining on a field of green;

flowers blooming under a sky so blue


I look up high and see grey clouds,

Lightning strikes, my spirit’s bound.


The roots are deep from years of growth,

Years of glory and a love once bold.


Alone I am; but once was not,  Love once bloomed,

In my field of black.


My field once green with flowers through,

I shared my glory with my angel, my protector.


One luminous dawn I awoke to see,

My angel, so dark, standing over me.


My limbs strongly bound,

He held in his hands my heart, barely beating.


He looked down on me, with tears in his eyes

He said to me, “I am sorry but worthy you are not.”


With one tiny movement,

My beating heart he made stop.


So I lay here now, alone in my field of black,

Bound strongly by his chains.


My heart lay before me on the ground cold and black,

False hope brings a flutter, false hope he’ll come back.


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