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Fifty Shades -- Darker Was Better Than Of Grey

Updated on May 6, 2013

When all is said and done, I still don’t think Fifty Shades Of Grey was a very good book. However, Fifty Shades Darker was a good book. I enjoyed every moment of it. And I finally started to like Christian Grey.

When you think about it, the trilogy is a very interesting concept. Generally in erotica a character is taken on a dark journey as they explore the darker side of sex. In this book we have a character who lives in that dark world and his journey is ultimately a journey of coming out of that dark world into the light.

Christian Grey was already very messed up from the abuse he suffered early in his childhood before he was rescued and adopted by the Greys, then when he was 15 his mother’s friend, Elena messed him up further by luring him into the dark depraved world she lives in. In the final scene between Christian and Elena you can see the sick mind games she played with him. Ana’s pretty much a nit with all her talk of her inner goddess, but she had it right on the money when she labeled this woman a monster.

Elena took a child she knew was abused and re-abused him in the guise that by abusing him she was helping him. A lot of abuse victims see what their abuser is doing to them as wrong, but some actually believe the garbage the abuser fills their head with. Christian is one of those victims that believe the garbage the abuser is filling his head with. That by beating him and molesting him she’s saving him. That’s pretty sick. The question is how does Christian equate being abused by his mother’s pimp as a child as bad with being abused by Elena as a teenager as good? We had countless scenes of Ana trying to get him to see what that woman did to him made him worse not better, but he kept reciting the rubbish Elena put in his head that by beating him she saved his life and that she was his true friend.

She may have also put the rubbish in his head that when he was beating his own submissive sex slaves he was really beating his mother. From what he said, his mother wasn’t the one who abused him, she just didn’t stop it from happening. In short, his mother was the submissive and her pimp was the dominant. The person he was really beating was probably Elena and the pimp, but since Elena had him brainwashed that she saved him by beating him, he couldn’t pick a physical type that matched her. Instead, he picked the opposite of her.

I can honestly see this warped woman putting the idea in his head. By making him as twisted as she is herself she retained her hold on him. She may have even got him started in picking his own submissive sex slaves when she realized he no longer wanted to be her sex slave anymore. She furthered the illusion she was his friend.

Ana even made the connection that Elena’s current submissive was the same age as Christian currently was. We also saw how Elena retained her connection with Christian even though he no longer wanted to be sexually involved with her. She got him to invest in her business. She came to him with all her problems. And since he couldn’t talk to anyone but the person that brought him into her depraved world about what he was doing, she even set herself up as his confidante.

Probably the most memorable scene between Christian and Ana in the book was when he thought she was going to leave him and he became the submissive he tried to turn her in. You could see just how much damage Elena did to him. He was really heartbreaking as Ana had to talk him out of it and get him to come back to himself.

Despite all of Elena’s claims that she’d kill Ana if she hurt Christian, again, I think she sensed that with his relationship with Ana, she was beginning to lose her hold over him. That’s why she kept wanting to speak to Ana. She wanted to fill her with the garbage she tried to at the end of the book that Ana could never give Christian what he truly needed. Once she sabotaged the only normal relationship Christian ever had, she could lure him back in her dark and depraved world and reassert her hold over him. Only it didn’t work, because Ana wanted nothing to do with her. It was one of the few intelligent things Ana ever did by repulsing all of Elena’s attempts to spread her poison to her.

The final scene in the book when Elena goes after Ana when she learns Christian is planning to marry her, she knows it’s going to be all over for her. That Christian will finally be free of the hold she’s had over him since he was 15. That’s why she ends up showing her true colors and making Christian finally see her for what she is. And in doing that it finally causes Christian to get the foul dominatrix out of his life for good.

It’ll be interesting to see Christian’s evolution in Fifty Shade Freed now he’s freed himself from the evil Elena. However, I still don’t get where the world’s obsession with this book trilogy and Christian Grey is coming from. I also can’t believe they’re even making a movie on these books.

If the movie follows the first book, I’m not sure how good it will be. As I said, the first book wasn’t that good. It was more of a prologue to the real story that begins in Darker. I’d probably watch the movie if Ian Somerhalder was cast as Christian Grey, as you need an actor with Somerhalder’s charisma to draw you into Grey and get you to hang in there before he becomes more likable and sympathetic in Darker. Unfortunately, it appears the makers of the Fifty Shades movie intends to go in a different direction, so I’ll ultimately give the movie a pass and just content myself with reading the final book in the trilogy then bidding adios to the strange world of Christian Grey.


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