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Fighting Algebra II: And The Struggle Between Life and Life?

Updated on November 26, 2012
Today's Lesson: "How to Survive Algebra II When You Suck At Math!"  Licensing / Attribution: Above Image From: Flickr
Today's Lesson: "How to Survive Algebra II When You Suck At Math!" Licensing / Attribution: Above Image From: Flickr | Source

Where do you go when you’re stuck?

When you want to live…but you’re down on your luck.

Your whole life is on hold…like waiting at the airport to board a plane…

You want to press on…yet you’re fiercely tied down…and pulling the weight of a train.

You have to pull up…You’re going down in a big flame…

You’ve got nowhere to run…You’ve got no one to blame.

You see Life ahead of this hurdle left to clear…

You want to live Life…but you're stuck right here.

You know in your heart…that you can succeed…

For extravagant gratuitous pleasures…you have no more need.

The only thing that matters…The only thing that must prevail…

Is to conquer what you do not do well…To overcome…And not to Fail.

Do you take the easy way out…and just claim an “I”…

Or do you stick to your guns…And hang on…or just try ?

To get to this lonely place in the road…You wonder how it could happen ?

For the Counselor that suggested this Course…You’d like to commence a Three Stooges-style slappin’! (*)

Now…here you sit on the edge of Life…

One course…blocking your way…’Causing tremendous strife.

To get to the other side…with Course completed upon your transcript…

Makes you determined to go on…and continue to take more of this S_ _ _ !

But now you have committed…Now you truly must fulfill…

You press on with fortitude…Can you stand up to your own will ?

And ½ way through you crash and burn…

You’re in a new zone now…One that is difficult to learn.

You made your choice…You are here now…

Don’t throw a hissy fit…or have a cow.

Time for you to “Man-up” and take on the challenge…

Head down the “Black Diamond” slope…Hang on to the rappel rope by the fringe !

You have made it this far in life…Don’t back down now…

Even if you don’t understand the need for this Algebra course…Anyhow !

Here is where Life has lead you…Here is where the rubber meets the road…

Up ahead…you will make camp for the night…after hiking with a full pack load.

There is no where to turn back at this point…You are now committed to the very end...

Is this the headache you dreamed for your life...Is this a Course you hoped to attend ?

You are in this by yourself now…You’re at a place where you can’t even seek help from a friend...

This one is on you now…You can’t wish it away…or play games around it…or pretend.

This is the struggle between the Life you want…and the one you are really in…

Set your course for open water…Trim your main sail in to the wind.

For crazy contrived study to remember them all...

Yet...After the Exam...And down the road...How many Formulas will you recall ?

Young man…You’ve dreamed…Young man…You have not yet given it you’re all…

Young man…Where will Life take you…Now that Algebra II has your back up against the wall ?

WHY YOOOU...! "Oh, Oh, Oh, OOOO!" (*) From above mentioning of the Three Stooges.
WHY YOOOU...! "Oh, Oh, Oh, OOOO!" (*) From above mentioning of the Three Stooges.

Explanation of Poem:

What is a Young Man to do when faced with a multitude of dilemmas in his way? Living the life he chooses means giving up on College...The one thing he has been taught...will help him succeed in Life. Now...suddenly faced with the hardest course of his student an area he is most weakest in...He must decide between the Life he wants later on...and the Life he wants now? With each day...and each class hour...he is getting deeper and deeper in over his head? Why is he even in this class in the first place? What way ahead through the dilemmas...will the Young Man choose?

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved For: "Fighting Algebra II: And The Struggle Between Life and Life?"


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