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Fighting for the right of love

Updated on April 10, 2016

To be honest I've had many fall outs and lovers I have fallen for; I am a hopeless romantic as others would call it. I've always felt the need to love and to give others the love they deserve; I see the good in all the people I have had contact with and I can't say I have regretted those moments. I have been searching for that fairytale love that I would see in Disney Movies but when I got to High School I understood that it was just a myth that those movies were just a dream. In reality there is no such thing as a perfect love; we are flawed and not perfect what is real is has nothing to do with a fairytale story there will be bad days and we all are working to make others happy. I do believe in having a soul mate someone you are destined to be with.

Love is not fake it is what we should all be looking for not just to find a soul mate but to love other like friends; family and those around us. I know those lovers were just study guides for my future love. Yes I know this has gotten off topic but I feel like it all goes into one. just never give up just because there is a fall out with friends or lovers Its there to test you to get you ready for a brighter tomorrow. The reason why I wanted to talk about this because I've had my experiences; I have had my losses and I'm still learning people will come and go in your life but keep moving!

You will make it through just keep your head high; like someone once told me you will fall 7 times but gain strength and get up 8 more times just got to keep that dream alive someone is meant for you!



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