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Film festival

Updated on November 9, 2015

Wrong Reviewers

Sometimes on TV ,reviewers give you a wrong turn

they slate a good movie,their vocals they spurn.

ignore what they say,I always do

watch the movie,might not make you feel blue.

might turn out to be good,might be a cracker

a lot depends on the films financial backer.

sometimes more cash can mean a better watch

but sometimes overspend can lead to a botch .

Comedy films are a must for me,
going to the pictures be the first to see.
I love a thriller, I love sci fi too
What's your favourite genre
I've got more than a few.
Great acting spectacles,award winning performance
These types of films ,leave you more in a trance.
Amazing directors,producers as well
You know a best seller,you can always tell.
We all have our favourites ,there are stinkers too
We've all seen our fair share,some films haven't a clue.
At the end of the day,we all have our choices
We express our opinions,we open our voices.

Quality or not?

Film Fan

i love a good movie all the twists and turns

handsome Guy fight his rivals emotions he spurns.

all action and horror,edge of the seat

enjoy it so much,on Twitter to tweet.

if it keeps me seated for more than an hour

like tasty movies,not leaving me sour.

Tv times.

Home Movies.

In my young life I made a movie or two

all above board,nothing too blue.

filmed my kids when very young and crazy

so I could remember,my minds a bit hazy.

filming my dog play fighting with the cat

dog hits him with a big paw,like a baseball bat.

funny as hell,brought me to tears,

had some lovely film clips over the years.

Snowball Fight

One of my favourites,filming the kids in the snow

had a wonderful time,you would never know.

snowed for twenty days,four feet high

snow then melted,kids let out a sigh.

wishing it was gear all year round

maybe not all year,happiness found.

Upsetting sometimes.

Leave It to the Kids.

Building snowmen should be left to the Pros

buttons for eyes,carrot for a nose.

kids build snowmen,they tend to last

mine fell down extremely fast.

im better at cooking than sculpting the snow

mine would topple with the slightest blow.


My Snowman when built, didn't look well

following day,he suspiciously fell.

who was the culprit who sabotaged my work

my kids secretly laughed,I heard the odd smirk.

im no artist by any stretch,I did my best

i built him shoddily ,didn't stand the test.

he was a poorer version of one built in the past

not too worry,we all had a blast.

Too Old Now

When the girls were young,snowtime was a hoot.

now their older it tends to get the boot.

i miss the good days,when we sat out for ages

not restricted by time,take it in stages.

bring back the laughs even for a day

have good wholesome fun,I hope and pray .

Technology Replaces Fun.

Computer consoles,iPods and iPhones

cause loads of problems,annoying ringtones.

kids rarely leave their rooms,afraid to get fit

does annoy parents a lot,irritates a bit.

encourage outside activity,go for a walk

my girls loved it,all we did was laugh and talk.


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