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Filthy Being

Updated on September 4, 2011

Spicy pepper, extra heat
Some lava in dressing
And uncooked meat

Coals and rocks
Dirt and thorn
Poison ivy and bittersweets

Add them all in my plate
Serve it for lunch to live in shame

Stress hit me
Like airplanes hitting thunder clouds
The vein in my brain is twisting
Like its going to blow up

My heart is grounded in piece
Like that of a pork
My mind is lost in dark
No where to be found

Life left me confuse
Linger in dark clouds
Lightning strike my body
It split me apart

Intestine spill out
And melt within cement
Cooked by the heat from the sun
And left me open shell

Hell was left to live
And coal replace my heart
Thorn replace body
Lava replace my soul

Everything in me heat up
Uncooked upon thy speech
Left me feeling
Like another filthy being


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      thanks vinaya! :)

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      Your emotions are too powerful, your poetry sends tingle along my spine.

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Fitnezz, if someone could ever survive with that meal for a week, wow... :-0 Thanks! :-)

    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 6 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      Good grief, that meal would leave me sick for a week, if I survived.