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Finally Out Of Gas

Updated on September 17, 2011

I Never Thought I Would Say This

I couldn't be happier

All day I traveled around running errands and then going to work

Trying to get everything done

Gas prices are at 3.59 a gallon and my car takes about eleven gallons to fill it

I never go to e

So I run it low to about a quarter of the tank sometimes less

Years ago I was told by an old timer never run your car to fumes or your asking for trouble

The gas at the bottom of the tank has been sitting and it might have some water in it

When you run it that low your car uses the gas that isn't good

Your car might run rough and then you might have to get the car serviced and thats more money wasted

So take it from me and fill it up as often as you can

I listened to that advice and I held it as God's honest truth

I never wanted to test out the theory and took it as right

Until now I decided to run it out completely and see

Was he right or was he talking out of his tailpipe again

Only time will tell

So this is how my story goes

I filled up my tank of gas and I had enough for today

But with all the milege I had to drive I was sure to run it low

But I wasn't going to fill it and finally see what happens when the tank goes almost empty

But surprised as I might be

I couldn't be happier when I said to my wife I am finally out of gas

She smiled and laughed are you sure ?

I think so

Well you told me that earlier and it wasn't true

So are you really sure ?

I haven't had any gas for at least an hour

Now let me explain

Today started out on a sad note and we had to go to a wake / funeral all in the same day

Well it was a friend who will be dearly missed

After all life is short and we don't know what we have until it is gone

Then it is just to late

You can't take it back

You can't do it over

You had your chance and you used it up the way you seen fit

Other people gave you advice and many times you did not listen

When you did listen it was a little too late

You are stubburn and had to find out for yourself

Human nature or is the nature of the beast

Well on this particular day you saw friends you haven't seen

Many good memories came flooding back and took you back to the good old days

Reminiscing is always nice but today is another day and we have to keep moving forward

The weather was a little cool a reminder that fall has arrived

Feel the brisk air even though later it will warm up a bit when the sun comes out

After we left the funeral home and back with the family after for a little something to eat

There were so many friends and family it was at a hall that was part of the church

Was it nice

Beautiful light woodwork lined the ceiling

The hall can hold 200 people

Huge windows that took in all the light from outside and funneled it in just right

The food was terrific and there was so much of it

From meatballs to a garden salad

Potato salad and egg salad

Finger sadwiches lined up jut right

Roast beef and tuna salad cold cuts layered on a platter

Each person moved their way slowly down the line

Wonderful ladies piled our plates high

I was even able to squeeze in some chips in the end

They had fruit punch in cute cups and coffee

Desserts after from delicious chocolate chip cookies to carrot cake

With no more room left on my plate I had to toss the fresh fruit on the top

Brownies I really wanted one but just didn't get their

After all my stomach was more than full

We left after saying our good byes

Driving off into the sun like a cowboy in the wild west

This time traveling a speed of 67 to 72 miles an hour

A hour long drive and sure the gas will take its toll

We hit a couple of tolls but that wasn't it

The gas will burn up sooner than we think

Then off to see an aunt and share our day

Then work ofcourse

Later the late night drive home and that is when the day should come to a quiet end

But surprises kept me on guard and almost in tears

I know I didn't feel the same when I started out some 16 hours before

What could of changed my train of thought so much

Well in work we get to have an employee meal and that could of been the reason why

My wife packed some gapes and cut up strawberries

We ate them in the morning

I think it started even earlier than that

When I rolled out of bed and my wife had a cooked egg waiting since we didn't have much time

With my employee meal I did eat a turkey club sandwich on sour dough

A cup of clam chowder I couldn't resist

A few snacks earlier some scallops and clams

But I don't know if that was the culprit

Now home at 3:06 and giving my stomach time to rest

It could of been what I had to drink all day

A chocolate milk and apple juice and powerade

Well I wasn't sure and still don't know for certain what caused this to happen

I am no better off then when I started except I have to clear the air

There are somethings in life that are hard to mention

But we do talk about them none the less

Like funerals and wakes

Other things in life never get said out loud or are only hinted at

And this is one of those things

It is just plain down right embarressing

Some people poke fun of it guietly and sometimes it happens to get out of control

This is not obvious but the answers lie inbetween the lines

I will not tell you and so you will have to guess

I ask you to use your imagination and see how far you can go

I leave you this riddle and I am sure you will find the answers right under your nose

I can' t give you too many clues or it will be too easy

I want you to have fun with this and at the same time rack your brain

A little quiz to see if you were paying attention to all the details

Like a mystery dinner and you are the guest

All I can say is that I had enough gas to last me all day

When I thought I was running low I did fill up

But even after I filled up I ran out of gas still

No the gas tank didn't have a hole in it

I actually did use real gas because my bank card showed 30.00 less

The gas was about $2.52 a gallon I will have to check

I didn't get gas till 1:30 in the morning

That is the only time I went to the gas station

But I had gas all day

No matter where I went I smelled gas

I think it was a combination of everything that I did today that caused the problem

Maybe I added fuel for the fire yesterday and that is why today the gas escaped

I never was good at word problems how about you ?

Just too much information and not enough hints

I always felt there was something that others new that I didn't

I could spend hours working it out in my head

It was no use

I could put all the figures on paper and draw all kinds of diagrams

But I still came up empty

Now when you want to come up empty you can't

This is my first word problem that I have ever made up

I think it is a challange and when you get confused don't quit

At least that is what other people always told me

And I did what any man would do

Forget it all and act like it never happened

Thanks for sharing one day of many that unravels faster than the eyes can see as you pull the loose thread on my shirt


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick I will do everything and anything to keep you on your toes.One answer to the word problem was number 3 in my dictionary.You will have to check yours and let me know what you come up with.Lucky Cats You are very clever and all your answers are right.You gave a wonderful and very interesting answer.Great job and thanx for putting all the effort and hard work in it.It was only one friend. They had the wake and funeral the same day.Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.Moneycop It is a shame how high the price of gas is.I can only wish the price of gas will drop an down to a far more reasonable price .I turned gas into a fun thing for once.Something we can laugh at together.Joy56 You are absolutely right.I will give you a writing to read so you can sleep good tonight.Thanx everyone from the tip of my toes to whereever the gas goes.Have a great night.

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 6 years ago

      what a day, tomorrow will be better.

    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      It in india gas and petrol hikes are creating trouble for middle classes...

      gas has been roused to rs.500 and petrol to rs.75

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Hi there Dream On....your writing is so 'stream of consciousness' and I appreciate that. Well, to the issue at hand: the car? Elsewhere? Emotional gas? Metaphore? Very very interesting and intriguing! First of all; the information the old gentleman gave you is probably excellent advice...along w/petro getting old and, perhaps, exposed to water....another reason NOT to allow gasoline to get too low in the tank is the 'debris' which accumulates at the bottom of the tank, over time. This can clog filters and engines..causing very rough engine performance.

      You've written this in such a way as to suggest several different 'takes' on this concern about gas...I'll just leave it at that.

      So sorry about the loss of your friend...a wake and a funeral...was there more than one?

      Lots to think about in this very provocative hub, Dream On. thank you. UP Awesome Funny Useful and Interesting.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      EEEEEK!!! I have to go back to the beginning. Read it all again, then let you know if my brain works or not.