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Become a Political Writer

Updated on March 6, 2014

Start a career as a political writer

One of the top searches in google for politics, many were interested in the political campaigns, some for the first time in history.

With so many blogs and websites specifically directed to politics it has opened up an opportunity for freelance political writers. Getting started as a political writer takes you behind the scenes of the whole process from campaigns, polls, votes, democratic and republican parties to election of a new president.

how to find freelance political writer jobs

If you have done any search online you will see that many are interested in who will be on the senate, and what the president elect will choose for the cabinet. As a political journalist your job will be how well you can cover and explain the process to those who may not know anything about it.

Also its an opportunity to provide relevant information to those who are studying political science or have many years experience following the various campaigns.

So things that you will need to succeed in this niche as a writer is a background in Political Science, History, Journalism, English, Economics. A website that needs your skill is Analytic news, is a site that is a provider of interactive news content with quantitative analytics. They are in need of political writers, check their career tab for more details

Freelance Political Writer Jobs at Analytic News

Where to find jobs for political writers online

One of the best advice I can give to those looking to start a career as a political writer is to first look on the internet job listings such as has a listing for a non profit organization called Sam Adams Alliance is seeking political wiki writer for Sunshine Review.

The site was founded in November of 2006, they educates, informs, and empowers citizens about important political issues through a set of new media tools such as blogs, facebook, youtube, wikipedia.

What is a political writers job, to express universal issues, new media allows this to happen on a smaller and smaller scale. to see how gender affects political writers blog.

A job announcement on boston craigslist has a request for writers to contribute to a political newsletter/magazine, they need content on current issues preferably foreign affairs. Is this something that you like, as a hobby or has been your passion, use this type of experience to gain exposure online, writing on topics that you know about,

When you find the sites that use Political Commentary Writers

Keep informed and stay involved in the political sphere, and share your views no matter your perspective. You'll find prominent political figures, commentary from Hill insiders, and columns on everything from the environment to foreign relations. at,

Some of the more popular sites include that covers articles written about Congress, presidential campaign, Captial Hill, Lobbying and advocacy. So if your interested in writing for political blogs, websites, magazines, and newspapers, mediabistro offers courses that teach freelance writers how to become better writers.

According to Mitch Wagner some of the best political blogs include rs Techica Boing Boing Charlie's Diary InformationWeek Making Light Mashable The New York Times The Washington Post, Eschaton Ezra Klein Freedom to Tinker Hugh Hewitt Instapundit Lawyers, Guns and Money LiberalOasis Little Green Footballs CNET Political Animal Power Line Slate Magazine Talking Points Memo Techdirt is the oldest Internet resource devoted to politics and technology. Launched in 1994, the Politech mailing list has chronicled the growing intersection of law, culture, technology, and politics.


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    7 years ago

    they educates, informs, and empowers citizens; It should be they educate, inform, and empower citizens


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