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Find Inspiration for Your Writing Daily

Updated on December 11, 2011

Journal on Your Journey

Daily Inspiration

Take a deep breath.

Inhale slowly.

Exhale slowly.

Now you are ready to truly think through new possibilities for your writing. Your daily life can require a change of routine, even a change of scenery. The best thing that may happen to you and your writing may simply come from experiencing and observing daily life in a new way.

Walk in the Woods

One of my favorite authors would have to be Henry David Thoreau. He left the comforts of society to live in the woods, growing closer to nature. Based upon his experiences, he created a labor of love that was entitled Walden.

Take a page from Thoreau's life. Start getting closer to nature. Go beyond driving an eco-friendly vehicle and buying organic veggies. Venture out into nature. Take a walk in the woods or hike in the mountains. Go on a tour of a desert preserve or a rocky coastline. Get out and grow a little closer to nature. See what it produces.

Journal about your journey. Take notes. Research on the area. Discover the natural nuances of the wild. Observe plant and animal life interacting with weather and sunlight. Talk with docents and tour guides at national parks and other such places in your area.

Observe and Report

Make daily observations of people, places and things.

Don't just wait for ideas to come to you. Spend your lunch break at a sidewalk cafe and watch people. Listen to what you can overhear from nearby tables. Keep your notebook or pad ready with a pencil or pen. Jot down story and poem ideas as you listen and watch others.

Look at how you can add some twists and turns to that story about losing a bundle at the poker table to create a suspense thriller or murder mystery. Think through the tearful sobs of a jilted lover and create a poetic version of the sad story. Take on some ideas with a new perspective.

Make your observations. Generate story and poem ideas. Get creative about what you see and hear.


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