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Find Motivation To Write

Updated on October 10, 2011

Computer writing motivation

Motivation to write
Motivation to write | Source

To become a writing king of the internet you need to go beyond the extra mile.

1. You need to make your writing profitable. No one with enough sanity will keep on writing when the work is not profitable. Ok, it is not wise to quit your day job yet because the amount of time people spend online is not enough to make everyone quit jobs and write for a living. Hubpages is profitable as long as you select the best Amazon products for your hubs, which means, targeted products for your hubs. Amazon is the king of affiliate marketing and as long as you manage to target products, clicks and sales will come. A rule of gold is to see which keywords you use the most in your articles, and to use that keyword to search for Amazon products. If you wrote about "article marketing" that is the keyword you need to search for using Amazon capsule.

2. Make a list of all the articles you are going to write. It is not enough to have a small idea of what you are going to write about. The list will keep you motivated to write everything you wrote down on the list.

3. Aim to become the best Hubpages writer. Money alone is not enough to keep people motivated, but a title or a status is. To become the king of Hubpages you just need to write more than everyone else. You can do that easily by writing at least 10 hubs a day. After a year you are the king. Of course if you can write even more than that go for it.

4. To never run out of ideas you should write about news. There are always news online, they are new, they have more demand than articles and they pay more. Subscribe to the best newspapers and comment all the news you read, write everything they did and share that with the world. Status and money will come so fast.

They say money is everything

Money is a great motivation to write yet money alone will not keep you writing forever.

Goals will.

If you have the goal of writing 100 hubs a day, each one with at least 500 words, and each hub to have a score of at least 90, you will get super motivated to keep that goal forever. If you are 40 years old and write 30.000 hubs a year, when you die at the age of 70 you will have more than one million hubs published making you a killing!

According to my math, that is enough to make you a millionaire after taxes!

Can you write so much for so long? When you have a goal you will do everything.

Are you ready to make money writing?

Writing is the most profitable online activity.

The best writers are millionaires. The second best writers are earning more than 100.000$ a year.

Most writers are not earning a cent.

What makes a good writer a good writer? He knows how to market his writing and how to make people read what they write.

All other people do not know how to make readers read their articles and buy their products.

How to make people want to read what you write?

Give to them what no one else can.

Money, fame, status, knowledge, diplomas... anything other writers cannot offer.


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    • TwilightDream profile image

      TwilightDream 6 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks again for your motivation, writing4action. I like it!

    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      very informative hub. I like it a lot

    • writing4action profile image

      writing4action 6 years ago

      I never said it was possible, just that you can find a lot of motivation just by attempting the "impossible".

    • TwilightDream profile image

      TwilightDream 6 years ago from Chennai, India

      'Have the goal of writing 100 hubs a day'. Is it really possible to do this with a score of at least 90? That day will have 24 hours or more than that? How long one can do this? A week OR a month OR a year OR lifelong? What a great idea to become a millionaire in lifetime? Thanks for the motivation.