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Find Clients for Your Freelance Advertising Copy Writing Skills

Updated on November 6, 2011

copy writing is a terrific source of online income for freelance writers

non profits make for great clients for grant writing along with other services.
non profits make for great clients for grant writing along with other services. | Source
getting hired for our copy writing skills takes ingenuity on your part.
getting hired for our copy writing skills takes ingenuity on your part. | Source

If you are trying to find writing clients for advertising copy you may need a little help. There are several ways to find freelance writing clients for freelance article writing for general content. This is typically the easiest client to find to pay for your article writing skills. However, to find freelance writing clients that pay you for writing advertising copy, you will find you need to do much more. In the first weeks and months after you begin freelance writing for income you need to spend time selling your freelance advertising copy skills and work to clients.

Even if you put out feelers previously to find clients it is always slightly formidable to sell your work to clients. It takes hard work; these are some different methods to follow along with discipline to make it happen.

Each business or company that you come into contact with is not necessarily your next client. Make the most of the time and energy you have by focusing on people or companies that are more likely to need your freelance writing advertising or copy services.


One of the biggest and best is EBay. Advertisers writing for auction ads can do well with this area of copy writing. There is a great hub on writing auction ads for companies like eBay Write-a-Great-Auction-Ad. Services for these freelance writers can sometimes be advertised on Craigslist or other freelance writer wanted job boards.

Creative agencies

Creative agencies can be described as ad agencies along with consulting firms that specialize in marketing or design firms along with other types of firms that concentrate in creative communications. These are clients or companies that will typically use outsourcing services for their freelance advertising writing services. The person or people you would like to see concerning employment are the chief of copy, account exec, the owner or entrepreneur or creative director.

Larger companies

Larger companies can generally afford to hire permanent people to do their advertising work. However, there are times when they will need freelance writing services from outsourcing. Though, these jobs are few and far between. When you are contacting these companies to offer your services get in touch with their marketing or communications department.

Businesses that are sole proprietor or small

The size of the smaller business market or sole proprietor is the most lucrative opportunity for copywriters besides EBay. Although there are millions of small businesses across America that could use your services, do not limit yourself to just this country. On the Internet you have billions of small businesses that could use your freelance writing ad services.


Nonprofit companies or organizations search for freelance copywriters frequently. There are some freelance writers that will form their services to work with this type of client exclusively. The services provided are typically fundraising type letters or newsprint, ads, writing proposals for grants and even some speech writing. The fundraising directors are your contacts for nonprofits.

Directing marketing

There are companies that sell exclusively via direct mail, infomercials for television content and the web. These marketers don’t generally have sales personnel or stores. Based on their sales vehicle they use marketing to do the majority if not all of the work for the company. This is the highest paid copy writing specialty and certainly the most lucrative for income. If your copy writing services actually produce sales you will do extremely well in this niche of copy writing.

These are the different places you can find clients if your freelance writing interest lie with copy writing. Some of the methods mentioned here can certainly help you get in the door. However, your copy writing or ad writing skills will get you the job. Continue to sell your services and earn great income freelance ad writing.


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    • Injured lamb profile image

      Injured lamb 6 years ago

      Thanks for the great resources for finding the writing clients. Enjoy your writing much...

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great resource. Thanks!

    • profile image

      shobis 6 years ago

      Very Very Useful.Thanks for Posting .If you want any ads for your company i would write it for low cost :)

    • TheManWithNoPants profile image

      TheManWithNoPants 6 years ago from Tucson, Az.

      Very well put together. I never really considered writting for money and never understood how this stuff works. Besides, I don't think anyone's looking for a politically incorrect political writer who cusses and spells like a first grader. Hmmmmm .. (tapping my forehead) This will help those less dysfunctional. lol

      Good job my friend!