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Find Yourself to Be Happy

Updated on September 1, 2017

Life journey is a very good teacher. Learn it.

Hello all hubbers!!!

My name is Priya Kulkarni. I am writing this post for the very first time. I am feeling very excited to write and share my thoughts with you. And even a little nervous. But mostly satisfied. I am loving this writing work. It is very nice way of sharing. As I got to know after several years that I am loving this writing work, and I can develop it.

My life was very normal with less ambitions or urge to try something . After my graduation I got married followed by my sons birth very next year. Life was busy for me to explore hobbies . when my son was 2.5 years old I started working For some years. But now I am a homemaker. I have enjoyed being a homemaker As I am able to give ample amount of time to my kid. I tried new recipes, followed new fashion trends and beauty tips , even tried some art and craft such as tie-dye and painting And knitting tutorials from YouTube. And tried cooking new delicacies but never done this things for so long. and I was not satisfied. I was reading books also . By reading I felt I should write something, there were questions in my mind , can I do it? How can I start? I must use ample of time for something good. Then my brother suggested me this idea to write a blog. I found this idea interesting. I found that reading some blogs, sharing ideas and gathering information is pretty cool. So now I have started and this is my first blog. Though sometime I feel confused but while writing this I am feeling very satisfied

I sometimes feel we were or are confused about or unknown about the interests which feels us happy . we tried but no use, and suddenly things comes to us which really works good. Changes everything's as a turning point.

Thanks to my brothers and all hubbers whose blogs gave me inspiration to write. And thanks to this platform which enables people to share.

Find yourself to be happy!! Try Try and Try

I feel life is an art. It's us who are making that art more presentable. I found for myself after trying and time that writing is way to express the art of life. Now I will eventually develop after exploring myself with this world. This world is a real magic and have something for everyone. Just need to explore.


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