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Discover Passion, Purpose, Pleasure and Disappointments and Know "That's Life"

Updated on July 12, 2014

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what your truly want to become. Everything else is secondary


Who we were born to be


The light at the end of the tunnel...

Life is an episode of many experiences. People thrive to live their dreams, hopes and ambitions. While there are many who do fulfill their life goals; they find success in their passion, and they honor their purpose, many experience their life exercises with dismal rewards.

Life is both jeweled and flawed. To some, fame fortune, and success are the precious treasures of dreams fulfilled. To others the miseries of the ordinary are impoverished with relentless disappointment.

Discovery is the journey to life. The celebrated, the famous and the ordinary are not guaranteed the certainty of an extended lifetime. One may die at the pinnacle of the greatest accomplishments.

Steve Jobs, one of the most gifted and brilliant minds of the 21st century did not have the luxury of a long life. He understood all too well the importance of living. He gave the world an interminable legacy in the science of technology and the prize of eternity,

His words echo the sentiment that life is our richest resource. He showed us the courage to "follow your heart and intuition".

The light at the end of the tunnel is not the promise of the future. It is a continuous roadmap to discovery.

Rising to the Top of their dreams and hopes

Berry Gordy

  • The passion and drive that took a former boxer and auto worker to become the epicentre of black music for successive generations are the crystals of dreams made manifest in the story of Motown

Tessanne Chin

  • The dreams of a backup singers to become the 2013 Winner of the Voice is the journey in persistence and determination of Tessanne Chin

Muhammad Ali

  • When Muhammad Ali touted his "I am the Greatest" anthem, he proved that he was not only talk, he became the Greatest

Michael Jordan

  • Michael Jordan a name synonymous with the greatest in the sport of basketball is a living legend among his peers

Celebrities and their path to Fame

Berry Gordy's vision of his passion and purpose is the present day conglomerate of a musical dynasty called Motown. A Brief history of Motown shared in the Times states:

"A former boxer and automobile worker, Berry Gordy was a nascent songwriter when, at the urging of Smokey Robinson, a songwriter ten years younger than Gordy, he decided to establish Motown Records".

For every aspiring black talent that has since gained fame, fortune and notoriety, a spark of their emergence was fueled by the passion and drive of a Berry Gordy.

For many years, Tessanne Chin was a backup singer for some of Reggae's greatest acts. She traveled the world singing with Jimmy Cliff, of the song Many Rivers to Cross fame.

In 2013, Tessanne Chin was voted winner of The Voice. In her tribute to Jimmy Cliff, Tessanne's rendition of the song Many Rivers to Cross catapulted her to the winner's circle. Since then her stardom has rocketed her to the top of the music charts and her world appeal has reached new stratospheres.

In her many interviews, Tessanne has been overwhelmingly humbled by her new found success and fame. She shares that it has been a lifelong dream of hers to sing on the world stage. It was something she only imagined. Now, she is living her lifetime dream.

In the biographies of the famed athletes, from Muhammed Ali, the Greatest Boxer to Michael Jordan, the Greatest sportman, for his basketball feats; the drive, the passion, the intoxication of conviction were steeped in their purpose and resolve.

In this video, Brene Brown discusses the words that transformed her sense of self worth and gave her purpose and conviction.

Gone too Soon: But their Lifetime Legacies remain Immortal

Steve Jobs

From smart technology iphone to intuitive ipads, they all have the distinctive imprint of the intelligence created by Steve Jobs.

In the life of Steve Jobs the opportunity to get in the arena, to live with his combustible creative energy and to create the founding elements of interactive communication technology were his unwavering mission and purpose. In his 56 years, his lifetime achievement does not cease in his death. He remains immortalized into perpetuity.

Randy Pausch

Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch motivated thousands of students with his passionate teaching. Millions more around the world found inspiration in his moving "Last Lecture."

Another pioneer in the field of interactive technology, with the early developments of computer and film animation was the late Randy Pausch. The cruelty of fate by early death at age 48 does not dim the genius of his greatest legacy. The last lecture of Randy Pausch video captures a memorial to immortality in purpose.

The Arena of Life and even Death

To shape what makes your passion purposeful it is necessary to experience the arena of life.

Brene Brown, one of Oprah's magnificent empowerment speakers on the OWN channel, poignantly acknowledges that with creativity comes vulnerability.

These are words from Ms Browns speech which are disturbingly authentic.

"There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity."

"Without vulnerability, you cannot create".

A Colossal Giant of history: "Madiba"

Nelson Mandela

The triumphant heroic homage paid around the world to Nelson Mandela, from captivity to freedom heralds his living and his dying.

"Madiba", as the world kindly addressed him, is regarded as the father of democracy for the nation of South Africa.

Most symbolically, he remains a symbol of the human spirit of resilience and daunting courage.

And then a Hero comes along..


Purpose, Fulfillment, Achievement

In the normalcy of the mundane and the ordinary, the thirst to seek purpose, to find fulfillment, to achieve dreams, to manifest, to become the person of gainful accomplishment, is marred in perpetual quest. The journey though mapped with diversions and distractions, and much too often disappointments is ever continuous.

Be the change you want to see


What lies ahead is Here and Now.

We are not born with a roadmap of what our future holds. The passion and purpose of our life is in the moments that are unscripted.

It happens as the journey from birth to death commences and ends. We may not leave our legacies of fame and fortune and world posterity. Each life is authenticated with its own unique intelligence. We hope and aspire to live our dreams.

In the journey, we face the unexpected and we anguish in the disappointments. We anticipate the glare of the train wreck as the natural predicament of life.

Often we confuse the light at the end of the tunnel as our final destination.

Ultimately, we all have a destination. Its called Death

The arena that makes our life passion and purpose distinct and unique for each and every individual is in the approach. What lies ahead is here and now.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the next phase of personal enlightenment. The mirage is to comprehend that Life is in the journey of the living. We must go through the dark to experience light.

Purpose and Passion comes with the Experience. That's Life.


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