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Finding inspiration in today's society

Updated on December 12, 2010

 It's an interesting question - How do you find inspiration in this day and age? The world does not seem as beutiful as it once was. Maybe it's geting old, maybe it's too much construction, or maybe it was just my loss of my childhood innocence.

It seems there used to be a time when I found beauty in everything. When every cloud was a dragon or monster. When every dark corner meant impending  danger. There seemed to be magic in everything.



As an adult in today's society my life is focused on supporting my family. Going to work, taking care of the house, the car, helping kids with homework, etc, etc.

Most days the world seems like a dark a dreary place. The humdrum of every day life grinding me into a rut. Myeslf, like most of you I'm sure find myself in slumps from time to time where nothing seems to inspire me. I search and I search, I read other people's works, I watch movies, go for walks and let my mind wander. Nothing.

Though I will admit that recently having found Hubpages has inspired me. Seeing all the other young and talented artists who are strugging just like I am at least lets me know that I'm in good company.


The key to looking for something, or doing anything is that you never give up. My father used to tell me something like that when I was young. It seemed logical enough to me at the time, but it took me until years later to understand what he really meant. For me, that meant that it was easy to give up. It doesn't take and courage to "hang it up". But it takes real desire and tenacity to see something through even when it kills you to do so.

So I keep looking. Inside my head I ask different questions. I look at different scenarios and have an inner debate with myself. I think about the end of the world, the supernatural, the nature of evil men. I search through endless memories and thoughts to try to come up with that right combination of ideas.

Then one day there will be this 'click' an idea just goes off inside my head. A plot line begins to spread out before me. I can see how it begins, how it's going to go, but usually not the end. I always struggle with endings. I think that's because so many books and so many movies I've watched in my lifetime take a "cheat" road out. Rather than take the time to explain how or why something is happening, they'll just say it was all a dream. Or they just leave it all hanging as if to set it up for a sequel or something. When I close a book or finish a movie I want some sense of closure, some sense of accomplishment. And that's why I think I struggle so much with my endings, because I don't want to be a cheater.


 I'd like to say that a lot of things inspire me, but that's just not true anymore. Maybe twenty years ago, but not now. I'd like to say that I find inspiration easy, but I don't. Matter of fact it takes a lot of work, at least it does for me. Especially if you want to come up with something new and fresh.

To put something down on paper that really gets people excited to read the next page or chapter is one of the most exhilarating experiences. The ability to see the joy or the terror that someone is taking from your works is one of the best gifts a writer can receive.

So what inspires you? Do you have to work at it as I do? Where do you let your mind go when you want to come up with a new idea?


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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      My inspiration comes from knowing that I serve God whether I am here on earth or in the spirit realm.

    • mcrawford76 profile image

      Matthew I Crawford 7 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

      Thank you so much for your comment Karen, I very much enjoyed it. Unfortunately when I write my mind always seems to go to dark places. I definately agree that you need to get your ideas down quickly. I try to keep pen and paper with me at all times. Most of my problems come from drying to decipher my notes later!

    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

      I read this with great interest. I know what you are talking about. The world does seem different, like the sparkle dimmed or the mystery faded. Getting older, we know more things, and knowing takes some of the intrigue out. Plus, there are dark things in the world which we could be blissfully unaware of when we were young (if we were lucky). Now we know them, the levels of depravity to which some will sink, for instance, and we can't un-know them.

      But really, there is still plenty of sparkle and mystery out there, it's just not as easy to find.

      As far as inspiration, sometimes I will work with those dark elements that haunt people in the back of their minds, and put them into a book where they can be exposed and hopefully robbed of some of their potency. Other times, it is just too tempting to avoid the darkness by looking at the lighter side of things and venturing into the ridiculous. I like that quite a bit. I can't really pin down where ideas come from. But I know this: when you have one, get it written down as soon as possible. They can dissipate pretty fast!