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Finger painting...The ripple effect

Updated on January 02, 2010

Finger-painting-the ripple effect.




Just one finger
can disrupt
the forces of nature
whether on a trigger
or on the button
that can set off global

The middle finger

when raised

has gotten men killed,

caused cars to crash,

started many a bar fight,

and is deragotory to all.

The thumb can

take one anywhere

I once crossed much of

the country with a

single thumb

and much waiting

along roads.

But the index finger  

can push keys

that form words

that inflame

or inspire,

create love,

or make change

by moving others souls.


And that same finger
with soft urgent caresses,
can send ripples
of pure bliss
through all of
one's nerve endings
until they burst
like daffodils
on a sun drenched
April day.

What a paradox lies
indexed in a finger
that is able to paint
both rage and passion
simply by the direction
in which it is pointing.






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