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Fire in the Sky 4: Another Nature-Inspired Poetry Collection of Sunrises and Sunsets

Updated on July 6, 2020
Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe was inspired to write these poems on watching sunsets and sunrises from her window, even from her mother's photos.

Bright City Lights

Since winter is just around the bend, here’s another selection of my 10 nature-inspired poems that focus on the city lights in night and also in winter in general. One of these poems were previously published, a decade ago, with an asterisk. Enjoy!

Sunrises and Sunsets Are Beautiful in Any Season

Delightful Surprise and Lava in the Wide Blue Yonder

Delightful Surprise

Meanwhile, a thin veil of orange glow sizzles,
A waterfall of a red burn added flair,
A highlight of a yellow shine gives it punch,
Add a hint of blush makes it a delightful surprise.

A first quarter moon appears before a pitch black skyline,
A rare viewing of a jet stream rears its head,
Clouds are thin, elongated, flat, all white except one,
It appears to be in a purplish-grey color with a hint of black.

Lava in the Wide Blue Yonder

Blue sky with white puffy, stable multitude,
Bright vibrant colors is like igneous rocks,
Yellow sparks across the azure like volcanic sparks,
Orange is close enough to resemble lava (without red.).

In the view, it looked like the sky is ablaze,
Without the volcano, it looked like an outburst of flames,
Even with the sun in view, the overcast is present,
Just with a touch of pink makes it unique.

Morning Light Char and Volcanic Dawn

Morning Light Char

The colors of the sunlight is a golden-orange shine,
Pale in contrast of when the hues combine,
A vapor spread is filled of precipitation and blackish-grey,
This morning light char brightens up the early day.

Yellow shimmers across the skyline with a glow,
The shades of gold is above the purview, and not low,
Orange perks up underneath with a sparkling sheen,
Never did it look amazing, but delightfully seen.

Volcanic Dawn

Floating white puffy clouds above the peak,
The sky is blue, with bright sunlight at dawn,
Some city lights are still on, as bright yellow and white orbs,
Tiny red specks from a radio tower and airplane lights are there too.

Yellow is wild, and stretched out like a fire,
Orange glows above the eastern side with overcast,
A dribble of peach is visible in the picture,
The resemblance is like an eruption of a volcano.

Purple Fade and Night-tide Ablaze

Purple Fade

On a winter stormy morning, the sun makes its presence known,
Visible above the western environs, along the shoreline,
Ultraviolet and infrared rays of colors and warmth,
A dark sky turns to an azure blue in a striking color.

Hints of blue elasticize the skyscape in a hue,
A purple fade of a pale color, squished in the middle,
Down below, traces of a reddish-purple coloring with wispy blumes,
A placid lake in the distance with barren trees and snow.

Night-tide Ablaze

In a pre-dusk contrast of cobalt blue to midnight black,
Swirls of colored nebulas, pink or red, almost dappled,
For this night-time blaze, it arches from a tranquil lake to the ken,
Sways from barren trees with a light breeze whispering silence.

Red, so vivid and vibrant, shoots across the night like comets,
Yellow, so light and pastel, splashes the sky like tidal waves,
Pink, so bright, with tints of purple, stains the sky like marble,
Orange, so lively, pours down behind all colors like raindrops.

City Lights and Nocturnal Gold Dust

City Lights

A veil of black covers the sky,
White headlights beams from incoming cars,
Some yellow to guide the way back home,
From a window, it looked like diamonds in the rough.

Little orbs of golden light from lamp posts,
Brightens the way like golden nuggets in the ground,
Gold looks great with a contrast of black,
City lights from a window is a great view to see.

Nocturnal Gold Dust

When the sapphire sky turns into onyx,
A clear view is seen above lake to the ken,
In the background, city lights sparkled,
From the balcony, or from a window, it shines.

Tiny golden orbs are like nocturnal gold dust,
Gold nuggets glimmered and shined in the rough,
Diamonds in a clear pristine white glowed,
Rubies and some emeralds in twilight shimmered.

Winter Sunrise and Winter Sunset

Winter Sunrise*

After two weeks of snow, which lay on the ground,
It's a winter sunrise, a bit early than planned,
Colors to light up the wintry sky with a jet stream,
Plumes are white, thin, wispy, and stretched.

Red dazzles the azure, like a bright flame,
Orange surprises us with the coloring of sunlight,
Yellow sneaks up in the background and pale,
It stretches from the shoreline to the mountain peak.

Winter Sunset

Traces of snow on the ground, wet and cold,
A placid lake looking pretty on the west side,
Nebulas white, spread out, all over the ambit,
Sliver of colors from the shoreline to the peaks.

Above the cityscape skyline, bright stripes of red is aglow,
In the distance of the background, pale yellow stretches underneath,
It's a perfect scene for an early winter sunset,
As blue turns into a black night, city lights glimmer.


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