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Instruments Of Time - Chapter 1

Updated on February 28, 2012

Instruments Of Time

Chapter One - The loss of Carter

For the past ten years Carter and his precious items had been inseparable. But now in this intense moment, he felt as though his journey maybe coming to an end. The special gifts that had been entrusted to him all those years ago had given a man of his interest such wonderful adventures, but also some very dangerous encounters as well.

Jayden had found him in his time, in his place, and that was never meant to happen. He’d promised Malsiro when they met for the first and only time that he would keep the gifts given to him and treasure them, keep them safe and hidden. But after reading the letter from Erasdes in the back of the map book, a man like Carter was not going to be able to stop himself from using the instruments. Not for financial gain or glory, but for discovery and education. The reason why they were made by Erasdes in the first place.

He had known that Jayden was near when then stones had started to glow, a sure sign of the jewels coming closer together. That had been an hour ago and now Carter had to act, did he take them with him or did he hide them? Hide them, and he knew his fate might have been sealed if Jayden were to find him. Take them with him, and this could see both him and the instruments being lost.

He removed two of the floorboards in his study, he reached down in to the gap to make sure he could fit the instruments in. One Gyroscope, one telescope and a map book. Along with them, he took an envelope from his desk, containing a letter that he had written a long time ago.

He placed them very carefully in to their carved wooden box and put the box in to his faithful, battered leather satchel. When they were safely secured he pushed them far underneath the boards out of sight. He replaced the floorboards and put the rug back over the top.

He knew he didn’t have much time and he would now have to guide Jayden away from the house and use himself as bait.

He picked up the phone and dialled 999. “Police please” The operator asked for his address and the nature of the incident.

“Brackton Place, and there’s someone trying to break in”

Carter put down the phone and walked out of the house in to the cool night air. He took in along slow breath, almost as if it was going to be his last one.

As he stood on the porch he threw his trusty satchel over his shoulder he scanned around, looking for any movement close by, there was none. Carter walked out in to the night and what he felt like was now his destiny.

He made his way cautiously in to the woods, thinking that any encounter would be better here than going anywhere near the village. If Jayden were here, he would not be alone. Carter was not a violent man and if there was to be a fight he was pretty sure it wouldn’t be a fair one.

When the impact hit him it was hard and quick. It wasn’t enough to knock him out, and it didn’t, but he felt dazed and as he lost his balance he fell in to a tree and then struck the ground hard. As quick as he had been hit he was forced to his feet by two sets of hands under his arms.

“Where are they Carter?” Jayden stood before him. In any time or place he looked every part the King, if undeserving.

“I don’t know what your on about ?” Carter said. The look on Jayden’s face was one of a man that was hungry for his prize. He was so close, he had chased for so long and so hard.

“You can make this so much easier just by telling me where they are.” Jayden’s voice was calm, but Carter was resigned, and was not going to give him what he wanted so easily.

“You’ll never have them, they were meant to be yours, but your father knew in your greedy hands, they would not be used for what they were intended”. The hand that smacked Carter across the face jolted him violently and drew a stream of blood from his nose.

“I’ve called the police, they’ll be here soon”. On a look from Jayden the two henchmen forced Carter to his knees. “Why would you want to die for these things? They are not yours, they belong to me!. My father was a weak fool who could not see the potential for these wonderful inventions. I can, and I will have them!”

The headlights of the police car pierced through the trees and threw and there fading light just reached the four men. All looked up save Carter.

“WHERE ARE THEY?” Jayden’s previous demeanour was gone. He was now the monster his father knew he would be when power was within his grasp.

The doors slammed shut on the police car and Jayden broke. “Your pathetic attempt to keep them from will fail, and now it has cost you your life.”

The two men pulled Carter to his feet. Carter looked Jayden in the eye and told him, “you could have seen such things, been to such amazing places, but your greed has kept you from that, I feel sorry for you, and your father”

The cold blade of Jayden’s dagger slid through the flesh and muscle of Carter’s side. The pain didn’t hit him straight away but as it did and he slowly began lose consciousness, memories of beautiful places and wonderful times flashed through his minds eye, then, like him, they were gone.

Jayden screamed out in frustration. Carter was dropped to the floor and Jayden pulled out the second Gyroscope, it only had three uses left. He had to leave and regroup.

A flashlight beam trained itself on the group of men, it was time to go. “Over there! Stay where you are. This is the police!”

Jayden set the Gyroscope in motion and within the blink of eye, he and his men were gone.


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    • Birgitta Zoutman profile image

      Birgitta Zoutman 6 years ago

      I know its not aimed at my age group but I really enjoyed this and am intrigued to know more,cant wait to read the next chapter...keep going