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First Impressions - Poem

Updated on February 28, 2012

This is a poem that was written about a girl that I meet about 5 years ago that made a big impression on my life. We did loads of things together, that if he we hadn't met, we still probably wouldn't have done. Circumstances and distance kept us apart, but we have remained good friends.

First Impressions

So now we've met and done some stuff

We've felt the wind and been able to soar

We've raced inside a beautiful beast

And I'm hoping you want to do more?

And soon again we will meet and smile

Forgot work and the world for some days

But all too soon that short time will end

And apart again, no more play.

Me and you we seem to get on

And I think of this you'd agree

Where are we going and to what end

Time will tell, what's in store, wait and see.

And so to the person the muse of my words

A one off her friends would surely say

An honour to meet this girl, this woman

Someone special who makes many a day.

Now is a time when she might need someone

A shoulder, an ear, or a hug

And though I'm a new friend and I'm far away

I'm here for this diamond in the rough.

There's so much more for us to find out

About each other, and how this all goes

But the longer it goes the more that I like

Just frustrating you're so far down the road.

Happiness is something for which we all strive

And with you I'm usually smiling

Your smile and your energy is so easy to love

Infectious it is and beguiling.

And so to the end of my rambling, my words

And I'm sure and hope there'll be more

I thank you for writing me all those months ago

And start a friendship, I'd love to go on.


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    • Sami theshark profile image

      Sami theshark 5 years ago from Royal Berkshire, UK

      I'm sure she must have felt the same and maybe you made just as much of an impression. Good use of expression and I agree it was very effective.

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      Seems bittersweet with a dash of hope. Very effective. Voted up and interesting.