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Poem- The First Rain

Updated on May 19, 2017

The way this first rain which is filled with the fragrance of drizzling songs swinging in pleasure,
seems like it is inclined to make me flow along with itself.
When do I want to stay? Even I want to be flown with you,
but just this much of condition that if I give myself to you,
then neither drown me nor leave me at the shore, today take me along as you just came to put me across.

I have a realization that with you I will get muddy wallowing in the soil,
I will bump to solid and crushed stones at some places in the middle of the way,
probably, I will get badly hurt abrading on the road,
but I know that all pains will be washed off as soon as I will merge with the sea.
Then why the existence of this wall of fear, come and declare that you came to make me yours.

I always beheld you sitting by the window, at first, a little afraid you, peek from the clouds,
then you sprinkle a few drops to test the temperament of the earth.
When once you become sure that the time is correct for you, then you tie Ghungroo on your ankles,
I come running to see you, the way you immensely get engrossed in dancing.
That's why I tell you to break all the constraints and dance freely as you came to break the Ghungroo and scatter it.

I too get to, smile after getting you and croon a little in your tune,
I too jig along with you, Ok, if not Ghungroo but I at least jingle the anklet.
And when you suddenly leave and go, I find your fragrance in the wet soil.
I don't know why is it necessary for you to be gone every time,
whereas, whenever you come leaving the sky it feels as you come with an intention to settle down on earth.

Some of your drops were still left, I thought to let those absorb within myself too.
There was a silence everywhere in that state of the atmosphere.
I had a moony smile on my face, I didn't know what kind of sadness it was,
that drop of tears tipped down from my eyes, somehow like this you got absorbed in me.
And when you reappeared seeing my madness,
it felt to my heart as you came to shower all the happiness on me.

The only thing I realized while swinging on a swing,
how mad I was to be not able to go with you earlier.
Might be, I was scared to be left off somewhere in between,
otherwise, you had expressed thousands of desires.
Crazy you, you are not any less, I saw the depth in your declaration of love,
you poured down only to hug me, I was kissed by every drop of yours,
every touch of yours soaked me in a way, that see today I have come pulled towards you.
Now I also started having wings of desire, I also started flying and started to stagger.
I started speaking and listening to what was left unspoken.
You too Come and open up all secrets of your heart and let's show to the world, that love, at least meant for us.

Let me take you somewhere far if you can't then let me only ask for you.
If you want us to stay together then you will have to come leaving everything behind.
You will have to come breaking your fetters like world,
decide now that which way you want to go,
either turn your face away forever or accept that you want to come along.
A sign is enough for me, just you need to tip a few drops of tears.
Don't make my heartbeat go overflow by delaying, it's not hidden from me that you are in love with me.
So let's go, hold my hand as you came not to leave my companionship ever.


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    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 4 months ago

      Hey Linda,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. :) Happy spring to you too. :)

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 4 months ago from Minnesota

      Beautiful poetry.Happy Spring to you and thanks for sharing the poem.