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Five Flash Fiction

Updated on January 10, 2017

Missing Out

For all that it is worth, I want you to know something. You are missing out. I am loveable, I am loyal, and I know what it takes to make you happy. Can’t you give me a chance? I believe together, we can make great things happen. I’m here, waiting, if you’ll just come my way,look for the sign that says "Shelter" - love me, hold me, and call me - your dog.



Who’s the New Sheriff?

“Heard the new Sheriff’s keen with a six-shooter!”

“Can take ya out faster ‘n lightnin’!”

“Good! We need a new sheriff who can handle things in this town!” said someone else.

“Who do ya s’pose this guy is?”

“Dunno, but he’s s’posed to be comin’ ta town today! Appointed from the gov’nr hisself!”

Just then, someone bursts through the door, “New Sheriff’s comin!”

Everyone held their breath, anticipating…

She walked in, her brown curls framing her face. “Howdy!” she said.


Baby Hummingbirds outside bedroom window. (photo by Douglas James)
Baby Hummingbirds outside bedroom window. (photo by Douglas James) | Source

Welcome, Baby Hummingbirds...

In their bed of leaves and grass, they nestled, warm, safe. A cat passing by, unaware of the nest, did so without care. It was a new day, nourished by Mama flitting at anyone daring to drop by without her permission.

The earth rotated, the skies remained blue. Sparrows sang, and children in yonder pool played. Life went on, like every other day, and nobody but me was aware that in that nest, baby hummingbirds awaited their new beginning.


Unexpected Surprise...

The Card

“Dear Mark,” she wrote. “I have tried, really, I have, to bring up this subject…”

She crosses it out.

“Dear Mark, if only you could know my heart, and that I mean well….”

Crosses out again.

“Dear Mark, there comes a time…”


“Dear Mark…(pause)…I hope that you will understand why I am writing this letter instead of telling you in person. I am full of turmoil, I feel confused and sad, yet, I know in my heart that this is what must be done…”

Crosses out with heavy strokes. This isn’t right. After a two-year relationship, how could she end it like this? It would devastate him! Her hand dribbles little circles. She will call him. Yes, call.

She looks at his smiling face next to his number...the ibe that had walked with her at parks, numerous events, shopping, parties, dinners, family gatherings…

No. Something jdoesn’t feel right. She mustn’t call. Musn’t write. How cold is that? She will do the one thing she regrets but believes is the only way…she will tell him face to face.

She hears something dropping into her mailbox, and hesitates. Bills, ugh, she hates bills, but, what good is it to prolong? It’s a simple act: open the box, pull out the envelopes. Stash them onto her desk. Forget them for a while.

First envelope, electric bill. Second, a credit card offer. Third, a large, square envelope - with Mark’s handwriting.

She has always admired his neat, straight lettering. Sweet of him to send a card. It was something he would do every once in a great while as a surprise. She felt guilty that she had been about to mail him a “Dear John” letter. Perhaps she will be overtaken by this expression of love and indefinitely postpone the break up.

In surprised anticipation, she opens the envelope. The front is a silhouetted image of someone gazing out at the ocean with the text: “Sometimes These Things Are Hard To Say…”

She will stare at the words, reading them, but not really grasping them. Inside, there is a wide, open space on the left, and a wide, open space on the right, except for the simple text:

“…But I Must Let You Know…I Think We Should Go Our Separate Ways.”

p.s. I will call you sometime soon. I hope you understand. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you in person. In time, we can still be friends, can’t we?



Marco Polo - (What if Marine Life Is A Lot Different Than We Think? )

(Sea Horses versus Jelly Fish) - A short, silly, fishy, flashy, story...

Galileo zigzagged through the murky waters recently set amuck by the passing dolphins doing their jumps out of the ocean. Ugh! Those dolphins, always thinking they’re “all that” just because the earth people say “Ooo” and “Ahh” whenever they do it.

Really, thought Galileo with distaste, they could be such morons! Maybe the earth people think it looks cool, but down in the ocean, it becomes quite annoying. In general, Galileo learned to ignore it as much as possible, but today he was in a hurry to reach the tournament in the Emerald Cove, and every little thing bugged. He was the Sea Horse captain, after all. There was much to organize…who would go first, where to hide, try to contemplate the opposing team’s strategies…it all mattered in the highly esteemed game of Marco Polo.

He was hoping this time around, he would not have to keep reminding Scallion to yell loudly. During the last tournament, all the fish kept swimming and waiting…

swimming and waiting…nobody knew they were supposed to be yelling “Polo!” because they had never heard the “Marco!” part. Scallion had been moseying around barely getting the word out, and Galileo had to keep saying, “Yell it, dude, you gotta say it really loud…’Marco!’ - say it like you mean it! We’ve gotta be able to hear you so we know we’re actually playing!”

So intent was Galileo in his thoughts, he forgot to pay attention. A large shadow fell upon his path, and he glanced over to see Corollo the Big, Big, Tuna.

Ah, not him, Galileo muttered, zigzagging faster. Corollo got on his nerves, always reminding the other fish that HE was the grandson of the great Charlie, who was almost picked to be the mascot of the human’s Starkist-Tuna-of-the-Sea commercials. Woooo! In case you didn’t know, Corollo, the phrase goes, “Sorry, Charlie, only the best tuna get to be Starkist!”

Corollo swam in his path and stared him down. “I heard that, butthead. Nobody talks that way about my Gramps!”

Galileo swallowed hard. What? Had he actually said that aloud? What the…?

Suddenly, Galileo was forced into a huge current, oh no, not a current, but the mighty sweeping of Corollo’s fins.

“Hey! Let me go you crusty finned jack ass!” Galileo shouted. In the ocean, there was no bigger insult than being called an earth animal’s name, but little good it did. He was no match to the huge tuna’s size.

From the short distance away from where Galileo had almost made it to the tournament site, he knew the others were waiting on him to begin preparations. They must be going crazy wondering of my whereabouts, thought Galileo. There was no time to think about that now. He was flailing…trying in vain to get away from the sweeping fins of Corollo.

Must keep trying, he muttered, must….keep….but it was no use. He was being taken further out to sea.

Suddenly, there was a great swoosh, and now it was Corollo’s turn to flounder. Looking up, Galileo saw the dolphin twins, Dilly, and Dally nose butting Corollo.

Corollo was saying, “Hey, stay outta this!”

Instead, Dally kept pushing Corollo, and Dilly swam up next to Galileo.

“Climb on!” she said, and Galileo gladly obliged as Dilly swam him back to the tournament site.

All the way, Galileo’s head swarmed with guilt. He would have to find a way to make it up to Dilly and Dally. He would never again mutter about their splashing.

Dilly released Galileo. “Go get your game on!” she exclaimed.

“Thank you!” Galileo shouted, and swam furiously to his anxious, waiting Sea Horse team.

Across from them, the Jelly Fish swarmed and swayed, they were more than ready.

“What happened?” asked one of Galileo’s team members.

“I’ll tell ya later!” Galileo replied. “Scallion! Been practicin’ your ‘Marco’s’? C’mon then, let’s go!”

And go, they did. Scallion shouted “Marco!” at the top of his lungs, and in the end, the Sea Horses out-hid the Jelly Fish behind corals and reefs, 20 -10.

And Corollo? The last Galileo heard, he was caught up on a large boat with earth television cameras on it. Something to do with the Deadliest Catch.



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    • EsJam profile image

      Essie 2 years ago from Southern California

      Thank you, Jodah.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I am fine thanks Essie, it's good to see you churning out new hubs so regularly. Well done.

    • EsJam profile image

      Essie 2 years ago from Southern California

      Thank you, Jodah. How are you? I appreciate your kind comment. I do enjoy doing "different" :0)

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Some very interesting short stories and flash fiction here Essie. All a very enjoyable read.


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