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Five Ways to Generate Comments for Your Content

Updated on November 24, 2014

Feedback makes a writer's world go round

Comments are a vehicle for readers to tell you how they feel about your content.
Comments are a vehicle for readers to tell you how they feel about your content. | Source

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Comments turned dirty

Inappropriate remarks or references only sully excellent work and should never get a reaction or response. This only encourages more bad behavior.

Never get into an argument or discussion which turns personal. Focus on the issue and not the person whenever sharing conversation through comments with one of your readers.

Make certain comments are insightful and well thought out

Readers will peruse information or content and have several thoughts about it, but don’t leave a comment. They refuse to share their viewpoint or feelings under the section marked specifically for this feedback. As a reader you probably do the same thing. You absorb a piece of information and decide whether you like it or don’t, for whatever reason, but you don’t leave a remark about it. Why? Even for blogs or sites you visit on a regular basis there is never an observation or even a simple statement.

Everyone should leave comments if you have a thought about the content a writer has shared with you. If you are the writer and wonder why no one is leaving remarks, find out ways to make it happen.

Writers have no idea why readers don’t leave comments. They review their analytics and see traffic visits along with people staying long enough to be reading the material, but nothing materializes. Believe it or not, having comments added to your writing material validates it for countless authors. It makes them feel as if their efforts are actually making a difference if it moves someone to think or feel a certain way. The only way to discover if this occurs is through the section of every article which asks for feedback.

There are several things you can do as a writer to get those going for your content.

Make your writing interesting

Interesting writing attracts the most remarkable feedback. This is thought provoking, stimulating and often attention grabbing material. If you have become stagnant , make changes.

Sometimes if readership is down, find out through analytics, try something new or different. Unique is what catches the eye and typically promotes feedback. Whether it happens to be criticism, advice or even pointers, it all works to the writers benefit.

Innovative adjectives and new synonyms work to the advantage of a writer. Explore content never seen before. When people search the web and find something new or interesting, they have the desire to say something about it. They comment and share a view, one way or another on a particular subject matter. Readers coming across the same old stuff avoid saying anything, they are bored and unconnected. Quality posts generate feelings and replies. They add something for readers to talk about.

Encourage readers

Ask readers what they think or to share their experience or point of view. A short sentence or two within your content requesting a reader’s opinion or point of view can generate more comments. If you are writing for a product or service ask readers if they have used the product or service and what their experience was. A review of something typically works well for stimulating or encouragement.

Ask a question

Asking readers a question sparks discussion surrounding content. This is best displayed at the very end of a piece of subject matter. Probe into what they think or feel. inquire if any readers have had similar experiences. These are questions to ask which typically receive a response in the form of a comment.

Acknowledge responses readers leave

Responses that go unacknowledged will generally only be left once. Commenters that receive acknowledgement characteristically leave more remarks, statements and observations. They will even follow links to related material and leave a note there as well.

Some folks do not want to be the first to leave one, but with a nice response from the writer it gives them the courage to be maybe the second or third one.

Controversial issues and subject matter

Controversial issues or subject matter will generate lots of comments. However, they may not be the type of comments you are searching for. If you want to write about political, religious or social issues where you take a stand or specific point of view, prepare yourself for the reactions from readers.

These particular subject matters stir emotion in readers and emotion spark the statements which are judgements against character of the writer and other personal beliefs unrelated to the material in lots of cases.

Generally these commenters are people that feel strongly one way or another and leave a statement of some kind. Though, some have to be deleted as part of the moderation process because they are capable of becoming a little too heated and emotional. Be careful writing for controversial issues or subject matter.

In conclusion

These are several ways to get those comments for your content. Commenting is a great way to share with a writer that you read their content and what emotions, thoughts or feelings it stirred within you.

Receiving constructive feedback helps you make excellent content and better material. Most writers develop ideas for their writing and use this vehicle to confirm they did great work. Comments are important to give as well as receive. Therefore, if you are a reader (which most writers are) leave them along the way.

Suggestions to give excellent feedback for writing


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    • profile image

      promotion website 5 years ago

      Such informative web site! Large thanks! Thanks for a good time visiting . It is really a pleasure understanding a web site like this filled with nice information. Thanks!

    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

      Ditto, I agree with phdast7 and your hub. Leaving comments is very important especially to those who are newbies. Excellent hub, interesting subject matter. Voted up, marked useful and interesting.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      phdast7-thank you for your extremely insightful comments. i believe that many people feel as you do. however, we are all so busy with our lives and things we need to do that we cannot seem to take a moment to leave a comment. as writers we should all recognize how important comments are and what they mean to give and receive. thanks again for taking a moment to leave a comment.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I am commenting. :) You are so right, we don't seem to leave enough comments...and writers do need feedback, we need interaction. If we didn't we would become monks or nuns or spent twenty years in some solitary place writing a private journal.

      But if we are on Hub Pages, then by definition we want to share what we have written with others and we hope for comments. I think your suggestions are great. We all need to be generous (take the time) and make comments for others, just like we hope they will make comments for us. Excellent and helpful Hub.