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Flash Fiction: A Doorway to Writing

Updated on April 25, 2012

An Introduction to Flash Fiction

What is Flash Fiction?: Flash Fiction (FF) is a genre of writing that focuses on 'the moment' or 'the scene'. Where traditional short fiction, like short stories, focus on telling an entire story, Flash Fiction focuses on a specific event or situation or experience.

Why Write Flash Fiction?: Flash Fiction is a great genre to write, for many reasons. One place you can find quite a bit of it is in facebook and linkedin groups dedicated to authors. Because writing a novel is often a full time commitment, FF can really come in handy for sharing your writing online with others. It can also be very useful for getting down ideas for future projects. FF gives writers an opportunity to just write what comes to mind, without having to worry about longevity or consistency down the road. It is just being in the moment, describing what you see in your mind.

Is There a Market for Flash Fiction?: While not necessarily a heavily marketed area for selling books, Flash Fiction is very popular for many online contests and groups who host annual anthologies. An example of one of these anthology groups is IndiesUnlimited. IndiesUnlimited hosts a weekly contest for FF. Authors may submit a 250 word maximum FF piece which is then voted on by users and other authors. This is a great way to flex your mental creativity and the topics vary each week, so you'll always have a new challenge. And that's really what it is all about. A challenge, a way to break free from your everyday writing and experiment in a way where you won't feel constricted or confined by what came before.

How Do I Get People to Read my Flash Fiction?: You can put your FF up anywhere, maybe even here! Make a Hub and get the word out. FF can be a great tool for generating interest in your writing before you even publish any short story or novel. Use blogs, facebook, email, and online forums to get your FF out so people can start reading. You can generate interest and a web presence and prepare the way for your longer, more in-depth stories to have an audience before it even hits the shelves. Be creative and get involved in online groups and communities that participate in FF.


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