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Flashpoint #5 Review

Updated on August 31, 2011

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Flashpoint 5

This is the last issue of the miniseries, and the last issue of this universe, actually. Starting with one book this week , and a whole slew of books next, DC is relaunching their entire line. So how did this series end? Fantastically.

This entire crossover, we have been made to believe (although no one actually said it) that Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom) was behind all this. He went back in time, changed something in Barry’s life, and set this whole thing off. This issue, we find out the real reason why the universe is the way it is. Why Aquaman and Wonder Woman are waging a war that sunk Europe. Why Bruce’s father, Thomas, was the one to survive the shooting, instead of his son, and became Batman. Why Superman was kept underground, being experimented on, and being deprived of sunlight, to keep him weak. The reason was...Barry Allen.

Professor Zoom went back in time, killed Barry’s mother, and framed his father for it (in Flash: Rebirth). Barry then goes back in time, again, and stops Zoom from killing his mother. That sets off this whole chain reaction, causing Zoom, among many things, to no longer be connected to the Speed Force. That means he still has his Speed, but he no longer needs Barry alive for the Speed Force. RIght before that happens, however, Batman (who was gravely injured) kills Zoom, saving Barry. Barry then has this very heartwarming scene with his mother, who is still alive right now (you do have your chart out to keep track of all this, right?). He finally accepts what he has to do, and stops himself from stopping Zoom. The universe is reverted back to normal (OR IS IT!?!?!! Well, sort of), and he winds up in the Batcave. The last thing we see is Bruce reading a letter Thomas gave to Barry before he died, and Bruce crying. It was a really fantastic scene.

Honestly, I loved the issue, the series, the whole crossover. The art was fantastic in this mini, with the awesome Andy Kubert drawing. Before this started, I thought I would want Ethan Van Sciver, or Ivan Reis to draw this, they are the go-to guys at DC. However, with enough lead-in time (I believe he had a lot of time to get issues in the can), Kubert killed it. Geoff Johns can write one heck of a story, and I am really excited to see where the new universe is going to take us.


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