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Flicker Of Hope

Updated on December 18, 2014


The month of December is a very busy month no matter what religion we practice. The act of becoming overwhelmed with daily obstacles will be a common occurrence for every person in society. After a period of time has passed, we find ourselves losing focus on what really is important within our lives. Instead of having the topic of conversation concentrate on the Holiday, we should focus on the concept of this wonderful life we live in today. When Jesus of Nazareth was born into this world, a new idea of life was set into place that will enrich all of human kind. This new insight was not the main focus in creating a religion, it was of human psychological understanding. Within that understanding is a single word – Hope!

"Hoffen (German), Nadeje (Czech), Nada (Croatian), Spes (Latin), or Ta – Suil (Gaelic / Irish)"

The word hope has the same meaning, along with the ability to reside within each of us. Hope is the intermingling of several perceptions like – Faith, Character, and Will. Jesus was NOT telling others a faith that should be practiced in Catholicism, Baptist, Lutheranism, Orthodox Judaism, Scientology, Witchcraft, or even Satanism. It is how we live for ourselves, for family, friends, society, and the place beyond this tangible planet. Remember to cherish the life you have, and retain the focus of hope, and gratefulness for a better world, and better worlds for all of us. That soul which animates and binds all things in existence and within our hearts is our paramount objective in the long run. We are all connected, and we all play that important role in how our world plays out over the many generations to come. This time must NOT just reflect the joy of; Holiday, Christmas, Winter Fall, or even that Festivas for the rest of Us!!! This month should be like every other month that comes – this is about loving what makes up us, added with the people who play a part in our life. I have that flicker of hope for each day while my path is being created, it will be for the betterment for not just me, but also for each and every one of you.


Learning the lessons from past mistakes,
Pondering all the possibilities one would take.
Correcting the ways when another bad day begins,
Only then there will be fewer mistakes that happen again.

I cannot predict what will come,
Quick to fix the things that come undone.
Ignoring that voice tempting me to stop before I have even begun.

When looking ahead at all which has yet to be achieved,
Benefiting from all the support that you receive.
Realizing all the love that comes from family,
Is so very precious,
Priceless and,
Yet unseen.
Never take for granted,
Time will inexorably take away,
Precious moments that come our way.
Family can give us the strength to fix what is broken.
When they have passed so many words are overlooked and unspoken.
This is when we feel alone and broken.

All the love which comes from a Brother, an Uncle, a Pet –
That one and only Grandmother,
Are priceless moments we share time with one another.
We never are truly alone,
We are actually connected now and forever.
Keeping them in our hearts,
Connected to a chain,
Intertwined within a ring or –
Even in a song we will always remember.

Loved ones will always be missed when they are gone.
We must keep that flicker of hope,
Always be strong.
They will always be within us completing our soul.


Make sure to appreciate the ones you hold so dear, be grateful you still have them near. To all the ones we have lost – remember that they are now in a better place. Perpetually enriching your own soul, while embracing your heart with heavenly grace. I would like to pay respects to some people who were forced to face the loss of a loved one as of late. My Mum Stephanie “Nanny”, my Father-in-Law Richard “Pop”, and my friend Colette.

© 2014 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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