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Flight Vol. 5

Updated on July 7, 2010

I've always liked the "Flight" series of comic anthologies. Each one has about 20 or so short works by graphics and comics creators, generally not published by any of the larger comics companies. The work present is almost always amazing, either in story, art, or both.

This, the fifth volume in the series, is no different, and some of the stories, particularly 'Beisbol 2," "Worry Dolls,"  'The Chosen One," "Timecat," and "On the Importance of Space Travel," are truly extraordinary, miniature classics. However, as the fifth volume, several of these are also continuations of works that have appeared in previous volumes, of which only one, "Igloo Head and Tree Head in Disguise," is truly stand alone. This makes this volume hard for a new reader of the series, or someone (like me) who hasn't been reading it in a while. Some of the other stories are a bit short, and many of them beg for continuation. Some of them are obviously attempts by the creator to try out a concept, so it is likely to see longer versions in the future, but that still hurts "Flight Volume 5" as a standalone product. 

That said, the art and writing is pretty much universally excellent. Profiles in the back of all the creators include their websites, so if the work of a creator catches the eye of the reader, it is incredibly easy to find out more. Although it doesn't stand alone very well, this volume of "Flight" is a great introduction to some of the lesser known and up and coming comics creators. If you love comics, check it or any of the other volumes of "Flight" out.


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