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Flowing Words of Gold

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

Words are spirit and powerful. Sometimes, depending on the situation you find yourself, all you need to weather the storm is simply soothing words. Words can make and unmake a person. Words can be so strong on the intuition of man to the extent of either disintegrating or re-shaping one’s moral inclination.

It is a matter of fact that the life of man cannot do without words. However, not all words are worth imbibing. I choose to stay with positive words, full of inspiration and that quickly heals emotional wounds. I call such inspirational words, “Words of Gold”. This is because they are so precious to the soul, just like any physical treasure one can think of or imagine.

Words of Gold are necessary to this life. It will be a pity for one to miss such words. Golden words are worth paying for. I believe I am blessed to provide such words of inspiration to help a soul. My description of Words of Gold is in the form of poetry, the platform on which I often express myself.

Words of Gold

1. Roll in waters of gold,

Whispers of golden accent,

A tongue of gold to my soul,

Speak the words of value,

My ears are itching for you.

2. You never knew your value,

You never knew your worth,

It takes grace to raise one,

Of a golden value on mother earth,

One worthy to appease the souls of men.

3. Your words glitter like diamonds,

Polished, tried and tested,

And glows in the deep of darkness,

The greatest of honor is due you,

For great men long to have you.

4. How many times have we listened,

How many times have we given thought,

To those words of honor and grace,

That forever resonates in the corridors of the ear,

And in the hearts and souls of the sons of men.

5. Never stop, no, never stop,

Who can tell the outcome of a pause,

We keep the worst to our breast,

And hope for the best afar,

Let the words of gold flow.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

Words proceed from the mouth and the mouth has a tongue that secretes saliva. The writer likens saliva to water in which words are rolled. Water is life hence words that proceed from the mouth are full of life. The writer also describes how he yearns to have more of such words spoken to his hearing.

Stanza 2

Sometimes words of inspiration are treated as normal to the hearing and this goes a long way to under estimate its value. It is rather unfortunate to notice that words of inspiration are downplayed by certain people in the society. This often happens as a result of the repetition of the same words of inspiration. Such a repetitive scenario and its subsequent effect does not apply to everybody.

Stanza 3 and Stanza 4

The writer is full of description and praise for the Words of Gold that he hears. He makes a critical point concerning the number of times he has listened to those words and continues to yearn for more.

Stanza 5

In this scenario, the writer urges the flow of words to continue. He however drops a hint concerning the possibility of something bad happening if the Words of Gold cease to flow. To avoid having or experiencing any unforeseen negative feedback due to the lack of flow of Words of Gold, it is necessary to have a continuous flow.


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