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Fly Little Airplane Fly Part 4

Updated on September 7, 2018

All Anyone wanted to do was fly in the little plane Chanting Fly Little Plane Fly Now they had a destination to fly the plane the resort

When we last left off Jon as well as his passengers could get enough of flying in his little plane. It was as though Jon lived in the air. He felt limitlessly free even with a flight plan. He flew everywhere and did so much in terms of limitlessness, that he believed that anywhere he flew in his little plane would get him further in life. The little plane and the fact that he ran the airfield was just the beginning of his limitless life. Everyone who heard about the little plane wanted to fly in it, he flew the little plane everywhere. Some people would laugh if they hadn’t seen it before but most people loved it. The people that laughed stopped after they saw what the little plane could do in any type of weather. The little plane taught everyone who flew in it a lesson, the lesson was no matter how big or how small something was it could be limitless given the chance especially when it came to life. The little plane Jon always flew taught him that as well as all the people who flew in it. It taught people that no matter how big or small something was it could be a part of limitless life.

Everyone wanted to go into the small plane for their trips, but then they would complain about it. Jon heard this one day and decided that he wouldn’t leave the airfield until he addressed it. Everyone was boarded on the plane when he came over the speaker, “This is your pilot speaking, you all know that if you want to take another plane anywhere all you have to do is ask.” He said, and everyone screamed yes that they knew that. Then someone came onto the speaker and said: “ Yes we know but most of us really like this plane because it teaches us limitless lessons it’s the select few that don’t.” Carly one of the passengers said into the phone. Then she turned to look at the passengers she knew were making a fuss and stared daggers at them. Jon said, “ If you want to request another plane please take it up with your travel agent otherwise this is the plane you get. That made everyone quiet and Jon was glad but what would happen next he didn’t know. Would they always complain, would he lose people to take the small plane out, he didn’t know but he was going to fix it somehow.

After Jon’s talk, everyone who flew in the plane thought of it as something amazing and limitless since it went everywhere, no matter how far it was. The people who flew on the plane thought about it as something to make their life better and that is how they thought of the limitlessness of the plane. If Jon could take a little plane everywhere and have it stay in one piece why couldn’t people’s lives be the same? Amanda one of Jon’s new passengers one day thought about this and then realized what she needed to do with her life just from being on the plane. She had brought things with her to keep her occupied until she got to her destination and just from being on the plane she had a thought and began to write things down on the way to the resort she was staying at for the week. Jon didn’t know who she was but he didn’t really know who his passengers were really. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know, he had only seen her so he didn’t say anything to her after they had landed and she said nothing to him. He had chanted on the way up here and Amanda knew it was all about limitlessness and she couldn’t get that out of her head. She was new to the hotel business but she had to start somewhere so she wrote down the mantra that he said and worked from there. She was sitting in the huge hotel lobby circling the words “ fly little airplane fly”, over and over again, trying to figure out what it meant to her.

After about two hours of staring at the words in her notebook, Amanda decided to take the words literally and buy the resort. She would turn it into a summer and winter place for people to come and vacation. She changed everything in terms of décor and what to charge, she wanted to make the resort somewhere where people wanted to stay for a limitless amount of time. So two days before Jon was due back to pick her up she bought the resort and couldn’t wait to tell Jon all about when she saw him next.

When she bored the plane that day Jon saw her and she said, “ Jon I have something to tell you before we fly off today, “ okay what is that”? he asked, “I took your limitless advice and bought the resort that I was just at.” She said, “ after I heard you chanting your little plane mantra I knew I could do it and that is what I did.” She said. “You made me feel limitless and you also got us to our destination safely.” She said, “ How did I make you feel limitless”? he asked. “You made the ride feel freeing and like anything was possible even in the air.” She said and he smiled. “ You are one of the only ones who has made a comment about it.” He said and she smiled, “ well it is true and I thought that I should tell you. I took a leap of faith and flew like you do in your little plane every time you fly it and to me that is limitless so thank you.” She said and he nodded. “ I am also going to request that you Jon be my pilot the next time I have to fly anywhere.” She said, and he nodded.

Months passed and Jon hadn’t heard from Amanda but he kept flying people from place to place hoping he would either see her or hear from her. One day however he was at the airfield cleaning things up when she stopped by she saw one of his employees and he pointed her in the direction of where Jon was. She was told to wait five minutes and he would be out to see her. Jon walked out to where he was told she was and she spoke, “ Hi Jon I know its been months but I didn’t know how to ask you this, she said, I was wondering if you would be my personal pilot for when I had to go to the resort.” She said, “ I am the owner now and would love it if you were my pilot to get me there and back when I needed to be there, since you inspired me to fly limitlessly and live limitlessly by going after my dream of becoming a hotel owner I figured asking you to be my pilot was only right.” She said, “ I would love to be your pilot but would that mean I would have to sell my business”? he asked, “ No you wouldn’t have to sell your business I won’t need to go that often.” She then thanked him and left.

Jon's Favourite Plane had so many memories

Jon walked over to his favorite little plane after she left and smiled at it. Then he looked around before he spoke: “ thank you limitless little airplane for helping me show others it is possible to live limitlessly.” Over the next few weeks, he flew his little airplane along with the others to each place he needed to go and once people got used to him and heard what Amanda had to say they began to believe it. Amanda had opened a great resort and everyone wanted to check it out. People who never thought she would do it and then saw it were so proud of her.

It took a limitless amount of work to get the resort up and running but every time she took the little plane to it, a new idea for it popped into her head. Then she would go there and implement it. That is why it took so long to get the resort completed but now both Jon and Amanda were living limitless lives because of this little plane. It was so much fun and it was all thanks to Jon’s little plane at least that is what Amanda thought. Jon thought it was all because of Amanda and her passion for getting what she wanted. It was both of them that was all there was too it.

Amanda spent weeks with Jon at the resort well not with him but he flew her there so she could work and then flew her home. There was always something to change when she got off the little plane at the resort that she never wanted to him to stop taking her there. That was what the quote on the side of the plane was meant for and Amanda was boarding the plane when Jon was trying to explain it to someone. They didn’t understand it and Amanda said it is true I bought this resort and look at well it turned out. It meant that no matter what anything was possible if you just put in the work and that was what Jon tried to show through flying his plane.

Jon and his little airplane had so many adventures together but the most fun they had was going to the resort, to see its progress. Amanda loved seeing him and the plane just as much as she loved the resort and its progress. The plane and Jon had both taught her so much that she wanted to figure out a way to thank them she just didn’t know how yet. Sometimes he would come on a whim and she knew that and that was when they would go exploring around where the resort was. The little plane always held up and they both loved it.

Jon flew the little plane so much that when a huge storm hit just as he was going to the resort he didn’t turn around. He went onto the speakers and told his passengers that he would get them there safe without fail. As the plane began to sputter though people began to worry he began to chant “fly little plane fly “ and they got there safely like they always did when he chanted. Sure it did take an extra hour or so but he did finally make it. Amanda had been at the resort already and had talked to him hours earlier. He had told her he would be there hours ago but he still wasn’t and she was worried sick but it was quickly washed away when he did finally arrive. She ran up to him with a huge smile on her face and kissed him even though she hadn’t planned on doing that. She stopped abruptly and turned away.

What did Jon Do?

“ Amanda, I am not mad I am just shocked what was that for?” he asked, and she said, “ it was for never giving up on me or any of the other passengers along with never giving up on your dream which in turn taught me to never give up on mine and to live limitlessly, I had to show you my appreciation somehow and that is how I decided to do it. So thank you I hope that we can be friends or even more than that in the future. She said. Tune in next time to see what Jon says.


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