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Flying without wings

Updated on August 8, 2013
It has been said a million times – you fall in love at a time you least expect it. Okay, go ahead now and say “I am not expecting love to come my way today.

You see, our story is like a movie, I had my share of stories of unrequited love and bad break ups. Hence, after another hopeless tussle with cupid, I was ready to remain single for at least a couple of years. Then that afternoon i got a call from a friend that there was an audition, anyway not actually an audition but that this Film producer is seeking for a female actress to cast in a movie.

I got to the audition ground a bit late then met the producer who happened to be a countryman, he asked me to address the gathering, at first,i didn't know what to say then he waved at me and said, Tell them who you are and why you are here.

I did that...

He then asked me to bark like a dog, this was to my astonishment but i barked and he handed me over a script and asked me to sit and read through it that he will call me up in an hour. Anyway, he did and i was to play the character Rita with this guy. There was a scene we needed to kiss but the producer said that there is way to fake kissing in movie and he will show us how.I looked at him and told him that it would be better to make it real and so did the guy.

There was a chemistry generating hyper feelings in us, believe me; i knew it from that moment that i was going to date the guy, It is not that i am the type who rush into guys but this guy was hot. We interpreted all the scenes very well,although there were so many places i missed my lines but that was my first day the producer concluded so he asked me to practice one on one with the guy because i have gotten the role.


We practiced together for two weeks before the next general rehearsal and what happened when we played our roles astonished everyone,It is not that we have to kiss for real to deliver the message but the Director who is equally the producer of the movie told us that although the movie is not a romantic or love story.However the relationship between Rita and Johnny in the story is a small romance and we need to show that bond.

Showing that bond or perhaps interpreting Rita and Johnny's relationship built our real bond.

Johnny played by Emmanuel. You see, Emmanuel is such a talented actor, he led me through my roles and taught me how to react and how to speak with my body, there was a particular scene i needed to cry and hold him, we rehearsed that privately so many times and each time i hold this guy,i feel like i am not going to leave him.

Hear him...

Movie preview

When i first saw this new girl who will play Rita,i closed my eyes and said a prayer for her, i blessed the womb that made her and also prayed that she make it by convincing the Director that she has what it takes. You see, the Director is a professional and no matter what, he goes for the best so i kept praying in my heart throughout the period she was glimpsing through the script then there was this scene she is to sing, believe me; i felt like i was hit by a bolt of lighting when she opened her mouth and sang the song.

Anyway, she made it and we began to rehears on our own, the Director mandated us to make it real.

1st rehearsal...


We have already fallen in love but have not professed it, it kept growing in me and in her as well then the day arrived and shooting of the movie we have been rehearsing began, we did our best and played our roles very well and behind the camera,we will talk about what we did, there was a point i said that she did not allowed me to kiss her and she said that we should repeat that scene but the Director told us that he was okay with it. You see, when it is true it is true and everything around join hands to make it happen.


We had to travel to a different location and there was i think ten of us then the entire crew members so in total we were about twenty or thereabout, we got to the hotel, the first hotel was almost fully booked so only nine people got rooms then the Director took the rest of us among whom were Rita and Johnny that is myself and Cristy to another hotel, when we got there the rest of the crew got rooms and i was left with her, that same hotel manager told us about a guest house nearby so we went there with the Director and when we got there,there was only one room available.

I knew that the Director will not lodge us in the same room, he joked anyway and asked if we are okay with it and we both responded yes at the same time, he smiled and without hesitation paid for the room and left us.We looked at each other when he left then went into our room,we did not speak to each other until she wanted to shower then she asked me to excuse her,like a gentleman i did. We later left to meet the entire cast and crew at the hall of the first hotel for a snappy rehearsal before the next day shooting.

It was after this particular rehearsal that i decided to profess my love.

With the Producer/Director and Paulie my twin brother in the Movie

Emmanuel: Christy, i don't know if this feeling is true but ever since we began rehearsing together, in fact ever since i met you,i have developed this sincere affection for you, i don't know if you feel the same way but believe me,i am in love with you

Christy: Why did it take you this long to tell me this, the Director just proposed to me

Emmanuel: What, that can't be true, no no no no...he is already married, why must he do that?

Anyway, that is my baby for you, she first had my heart skipped beating before she eventually told me that she also feel the same way. The shooting of the movie that brought us together came to a glorious and joyful end and our own story began.

You see, no matter how bad love has treated you,there is nothing but only one true love and like the group west life said; 'some find it in the eyes of strangers'. There is no way you can deny it when you find that special thing, believe me i am flying without wings.

We represent a lot to each other, to me; she is my knight in amour, an answer to my prayer and above all things the mother of my future children.

Hear her...

To me Emma means the pillar of my life, my solace in times of grief, my heart was broken into shattered pieces but he came along and picked every single broken piece and made it whole again, he is my Lord.

Some people would call it whirlwind romance. I guess not. To us, it’s more like destiny seized without wasting time and without letting go. And thanks to Mobis Films and Studio Ventures because without their project,you will not read this story.

Publisher's Note:

The production of the Movie was made possible by God and handwork supported with prayers by the congregation of the Church of Pentecost Agynkwa-Ghana. Furthermore the movie is based on my hub

Gangs and Drugs

Emmanuel and Cristy played major roles, Emmanuel was one of the two lead actors.

If you enjoyed their story then watch the movie, download your copy now

Transformer | Chill


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Eiddwen, thank for the support

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      I loved this gem and am now looking forward to many more.


    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you rose-the-planner for your kind words...

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 

      5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Such a beautiful story! It is so true that there is only one true love. Just lovely! I loved your images. Thank you for sharing. (Voted Up) -Rose


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