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Fodder for thought - 2

Updated on June 15, 2014

Virtual Or Real Friends

It has been around 12 years (26th of may ,the precise date) that the soul of my grandfather left his mortal body and moved on to the next world. I was barely 12 years old then, too overwhelmed by the incident and too young to comprehend the impact.

Today when I look back in the past and try to recall of whatever little remains etched on my memory cells of that day , I can distinctly visualize that I had never seen such a huge crowd , of the sort which turned out for his funeral. People both young and old, males and females, upper caste and lower caste, friends and foes, panchs and sarpanchs,Hindus and muslims almost everyone you can imagine had come to bid him the final farewell. People came in hundreds from atleast 20 villages nearby.

This was when facebook was still 2 years away from being launched, Cell phones had not yet penetrated Indian masses , Internet was an unheard thing , and to own color TV and landline phone was still a privilege. In short means-of-communication were non-existent. To make him even more alienated (as per today's definition of communication) ,my grandfather lived in a 'Dhaani' later named after him as "Mamraj ki Dhaani" (a cluster of houses in farmfields, away from the village) . This meant he was even cut off from the kind of day-to-day contact villagers had amongst themselves.

Now whenever I get to talk to the older brigade, I realise , that day People came for him because they felt close to him, because they had genuine respect and admiration for him and his conduct . Because he was there for them in times thick and thin, droughts and excessive rains (everything of a farmer revolves around rains), marriages and illness, festivals and deaths. For a man who could barely write his own name on a sheet of paper, his richness lay in the 'social capital' that he had. And he reaped far greater dividends than anyone with wealth or education could have.

So the moot point is , In times when Thomas Friedman has proved that the world is flat , people are just a click or a call away , and physical distance is a thing of past. How many of us can still claim such a legacy? Our facebook friend-list may run in hundreds and even thousands but How many of us even know our neighbors and building residents properly for that matter, let alone the colony residents or ward members. How many of us are socially rich? On a larger scale , aren't we living in a 'democracy of strangers' ?

Reverse Color Blindness Test

Most color blind people can easily read what is written in the picture below. That means, if you fail the test, you probably have the full range of color sensitivity that is attributed to color-sighted people.

Color vision deficient people have a tendency to better night vision and, in some situations, they can perceive variations in luminosity that color-sighted people could not. It might also be worth mentioning how U.S. Army discovered that color blind people could spot “camouflage” colors that fooled those with normal color vision!

One liners

Only Itch guard can claim that they started their business from Scratch.

Man proposes, God disposes, Mamta opposes and Kejriwal exposes.

Congress is now testing Beta Version. (when Rahul Gandhi was made Secretary of Congress)

मैं जानता हूँ आप मेरी शादी करना चाहंते है ..पर मेरी दुल्हन तो आजादी है !!
- भगत सिंह

The time required for an object to fall 20 stories is greater than the time it takes for whoever knocked it off the edge to spiral down the stairs & catch it unbroken...which ofcourse is an unsuccessful attempt

Daffy Duck steps off a cliff, expecting further pastureland. He loiters in midair,until he chances to look down. at that very moment something called as gravity acts...

Explosives can't cause fatal injuries.They merely turn characters temporarily black or smoky

Sheikh's son goes to Germany to study. A month later, he sends a letter to his dad saying: "Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like it here, but I'm a bit ashamed to arrive to school with my gold Mercedes when all my teachers travel by train." Sometime later he gets a letter from his dad with a ten million dollar check saying: "Stop embarrassing us, go and get yourself a train too.

Marwadi called a newspaper office and asked: Mera Chacha Mar gaya hai,
Obituary likhwana hai, kya rate hai?
NewsPaper: Rs.50 per word.
Marwadi: bohat ziyada hain, likh dena "Chacha Guzar Gaye".
Newspaper: Sir! It should be minimum 6 words!
Marwadi: accha "Chacha Guzar Gaye - Maruti for Sale"

Common observations noticed about people in India...
IQ increases from North TO South...
Business Acumen increases from East TO West...
And Beauty factor from South TO North...

Pizza arrives in 30 minutes, the ambulance doesn’t….
We have more mobile phones than toilets….
Car loans are @5% & educational loans are @ 12%...
Foodgrain rots & people die of hunger...
Rice sells for 20 rupees a kilo, but SIM cards come for free...
Govt. fixes the auto fares but cant fix d cost of the surgery or the cost of life saving drugs in this country

scene: Haryana Roadways
Taau bus conductor se boojhan lagya, "Re bhai manne Rohtak jana, ya bus kitt jaegi?"
O bolya, "Dilli jagi".
Taau pher bolya, "Per is board pe to Rohtak likh rakhya se."
Conductor bolya, "Taau nu kar, tu isse board pe baeth ke bug ja pher."

Haryanvi JAAT riding a cycle hits a girl.
Girl: Ghanti nahin maari jaati kya?
JAAT: Re chhori baawli dikhe? Poori cycle maar di ab ghanti alag se maru ke...

RHTDM::A candyfloss romantic entertainer wherein tickling comedy and soft and romantic love between the chocolate boy Madhavan and the beautiful Diya have been flawlessly blended to make the perfect cocktail. Cant figure out a single reason why it was not a huge hit............. I feel it should be re-released........Every time you see it , it looks like a fresh package with everything in it.......

“Just because nobody complains doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect.

Jaipur - The land of color , Culture and Bonhomie

"khamma ghani Sa- Padharo Mhare Desh " You know you are in the land of color, the erstwhile RAJPUTANA when you hear these words. This capital of the largest state of the largest democracy carries a rich mosaic of royalty, culture, art, music, architecture, & heritage with itself.

From being One of the very few cities built according to the Shilpa Shastra and Vaastu Shastra to having been listed in UNESCO World hertiage sites to having a princess who was voted as one among the 'top 10 most beautiful women of the world' by Vogue Magazine,to being a hotspot of Hindustani music Gharana,to being a synonym of 'Polo' around the world, this pink city mesmerises, anyone who comes here. Kite festival, camel festival, teej, gangaur, elephant festival, there is a tinge of rich culture in every shade of life.In fact festivals is a way of life here.

No wonder, this often quoted "happiest city of India" is a part of the golden tourist triangle.

Indira Gandhi's emergency

There are no bus hijackings, the students are busy studying and sitting for their examinations instead of intimidating the invigilators....The supply of food is not disrupted by strikes of bandhs...Food prices are down.
(The Newyork times, november 8 , 1976)

Officials attend office on time.... trains run on schedule.... bus queues are orderly.... some cities (like Delhi) have been cleaned up....there are no strikes or lockouts, no closing down of schools or colleges......Prices of essential things, including food have come down.
(Khushwant Singh, The Illustrated Weekly of India, january 25-31, 1976)

Industrial production rose by a record 10.5 percent in the first four months of this year. Man days lost from strikes, now banned dropped by 74 percent in the second half of last year.Power supply has risen 13%. Much more land has been distributed
and many more feudal ties on landless land broken in the 12 months since the 20 point program was announced than in all the years before!
(Far eastern economic review, august 13, 1976)

Now, what sounds so unbelievably true was reality in India for few months.Mrs. Gandhi's authoritarian experiment is gratefully remembered for the fact that in several ministries there was even a sudden shortage of chairs when the customary 40% absenteeism rate
of office goers and bureaucrats suddenly fell to practically 0.

How the country was developing till before the emergency was like someone trying to play poker without bluffing. The Emergency era attempted to demonstrate that the game is best played with a stacked deck; yet, to stretch the metaphor, the cards had been on the table a long time. The question is given the options what would you choose?

The freedom to say out loud "Majboori ka naam Manmohan Singh" in public or getting to to see Indian railways running exactly on schedule.?
The liberty to Pee in public or the sense of satisfaction that no one in your country would die of hunger at least.?

Isn't benevolent autocratic regime better than the kind of democracy we have? I wish we had a mandatory provision of putting in emergency every once in a while
say for 6 months in a decade so that we would be saved from two of the most grave sins of democratic politics.; unfulfilled potential and avoidable suffering.

Oh and those of you who would cry about fundamental rights and liberty in this have 9.5 years to enjoy the same. Any how your freedom and liberty couldn't achieve in 67 years what the emergency could in just a few months.

Shoddy State of Indian Agriculture

Ram and Shyam were two twin brothers . When both grew up Ram decided to do farming on his ancestral land and Shyam decided to open a 'kirana store' in the nearby city with the money he got after selling his part of ancestral land. This happened almost around the time when India was liberalised i.e. 1990-91. And as the fate would have it, even though , both of them started with equal wealth, today after 24 years, Shyam is earning 5 times more than his twin brother, Ram and if things go on the same way, by 2025 the difference in their income would be more than the difference between the salary of the President of India and that of a 4th grade Govt. peon.

The skewed growth rate of a meagre 2.8% in agriculture and a huge 9.87% in the service sector has led to this lopsided picture. This is the appalling picture of Indian growth scenario where the rich is certainly getting richer and the farmers who feed the nation can't even make their both ends meet !


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