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Fodder for thought - 3

Updated on June 30, 2014

Are Indians too much obsessed with Fair Skin?

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Obsession with fair skin

Desire for a fair child makes some parents believe that drinking milk first thing in the morning will ensure a fair child. A friend of mine suffered his entire childhood as his brother was fair and he was asked how come he turned out dark. There is no shortage of such stories that we all would have heard, experienced or perpetuated in some way or the other.

Fairytales like sleeping beauty talk about “who is the fairest of them all” and Snow White and Barbie dolls become role models for little girls. Right from our childhood the message is clear, and in later years it is only reinforced in many ways. Film songs call a girl gori (fair) or “pardon the dark because it has a good heart”. Look anywhere and everywhere, there are blatant and subtle reinforcements that only fair is lovely."

- Nandita Das, actress, speaking out against the obsession with 'white' coloured skin.

Kejriwal's Drama

Some of the media has gone to town with misreporting on this one. Kejriwal was asked to furnish a bail bond of 10k, not to pay 10k. A bail bond is simply an undertaking that if he fails to turn up on the allotted day, he would pay 10k. Do bear in mind that he has already absented himself on this case twice. Quite apart from whether or not justice is meted out to this defamation warrior one would have thought in a country where cases take years to settle should there not be a compulsory stiffer than 10k penalty for unexplained absence?"

The point is, Kejriwal at first agreed to provide this bond. This was when he thought he could worm his way back to the CM's chair by taking Cong's support, towards which he sent the letter to the Governor. Even his staunchest supporters, who were not AAP, but still were supporting him, started deriding this action of his.

Once he realised that this letter further brought him down in the views of the nation he realised he had to face the inevitability of the election and was desperate for some way out. The only comfort zone he has for operating is by trying to manufacture a moral high ground. So here is another non-issue being engineered to look like a martyr's pyre. Now that he has been stripped off his guiles I guess he only has his delusions and delusional supporters to dance out their superciliousness.

Who tells the Emperor about his new clothes? Delhiites ,Will you ? once AAP comes calling to hyperventilate at your door.

Discrimination Against Women

You are a part of the problem if you, the Indian Male:

1. In the name of arranged marriage, went and saw multiple girls and rejected them either because they were not as fair as 'advertised' in the Newspaper or they cannot sing like Lata Mangeshkar or your parents did not like the way she dressed or walked.
2. After having a daughter, you decided to have a second child not because you wanted a second child but because you wanted a 'son'
3. You treat the son with more privilege than the daughter.
4. Kept quiet when your parents asked for dowry, gold, furniture as part of the marriage deal.
5. Kept quiet seeing a woman ill treated in the family - whether its your mother or wife or sister or sister-in-law.
6. Kept quiet when you heard that in your locality there has been a death because of dowry.
7. Consider yourself that you are the Head of the Family, accepted your Father as Head of the Family and teach your son that one day he will become the Head of the Family.
8. Do not feel ashamed when you have to fill the name of Father/Husband in the Application Form and ask why not Mother/Wife's name
9. Do not question the discrimination against the daughter when it comes to property inheritance laws

....and many more examples that violates the rights of a woman, disrespects a woman and most importantly has become an integral part of a patriarchal and feudal society's every day life.
Until these roots are wiped out, stop complaining about position of women in the Indian Society and blaming the Government, Prime Minister and President. The discrimination is weaved into every fabric of the society, it's in the DNA, in the psyche. It is impossible for any Government to change that unless we change our thinking and our attitude.

One liners

Optimist: A person who while falling from Eiffel Tower says in midway "See I am not injured yet

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people. If I m not there, I go to work--anonymous

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

There are only two problems with people. One is that they don't think. The other is that they do.

When I won H-Rep election at BITS

Dedicated to those who somewhere, sometime wished for my success,to those who had crossed their fingers till 3:10 PM on 29th August 2010, to those who had faith in me and my capabilities, to those who taught me a bit of so called "RAAJNEETI", to those who even framed quotes for the occassion,to those who either voted for me or didnt, to those who either voted for none or chose not to vote

Tausend Dank!

Secularism : Hindu-Muslim Saga

In my ancestral village ,' Ladusar' in Jhunjhunu district ,Muslims are more than half of the total population. And if I were to go by what my father has to say, Hindus and Muslims have stayed there as brothers for Decades. They lend each other money in times of distress, they attend marriages of each others' sons and daughters , cultivate the land together and have even formed relations as 'dharm-bhai' and 'dharm-behan' among each other . Every year my village successfully celebrates a fair of 'Gusaiji maharaj' , the local hindu deity but not without the help of Muslims. And the only time when their paths diverge is when they pray. Only that If they face west towards Mecca during Namaz, our temples have entrance doors towards East.

Go to Ajmer Sharif. The Hindu pilgrims outnumber the Muslims by atleast 4:1 there. And nothing tears that fabric apart. Nothing(Not even the bombs detonated by perpetrators from Pakistan) . Manganyiars ; a caste of muslims in Rajasthan earn their living by singing. And you know what they sing? They sing Bhajans of Lord Ram and other hindu deities !!

Although we have had ups and down but we have lived together for almost a millennium .And where in the mortal world quarrels don’t happen? Even twins born out of the womb of same mother fight with each other! The question then is how can a bond of a millennium years be exploited for sectarian and petty gains by handful of people . It is not the bond which is weak, infact it is we who are weak to let ourselves exploited for abhorrent vote bank politics.

It's time we remind ourselves that Indian flag has equal proportions of both Saffron and Green. Time that we remind ourselves that no one can divide , discriminate and differentiate asking just this question. Tilak on the forehead ? or absence of foreskin?


BAJAJs who make Pulsar and Avenger, GOYANKAs who produce CEAT Tyres . BIRLAs who have Idea ,Pantaloons ,Birla SunLife insurance and not to forget BITS Pilani. KHAITANs who make EVERREADY batteries , MITTALs who own the largest steel company in the world, PODDARs who own chain of Schools and colleges , PIRAMALs who make healthcare products like Saridon, Lacto Calamine, I-pill, RUIAs who own the Essar house, SINGHANIAs who have brands like Raymond and Kamasutra prophylactic , SURANAs who are one of the biggest Jewelers, TODIs with Lux innerwear and MODIs with Four square , Red & White and Kings Cigarettes. And the awe inspiring of them all, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - The warren Buffet of India , on whose tips you invest your hard earned money.

And add to that innumerable small and big Agrawals , Bagaris, Bajorias, Bankas, Bhartiyas, Chandgothias, Choudharys, Dalmias, Didwanias, Dujodwalas, Gadias, Ganeriwals, Jalans,Jajus, Kotharis , Murarkas, Parasrampurias, Rungtas, Seksarias, Sanghis, Somanis and Suranas

You know what's common among them? They are all marwari ( Madu)business Barons/ Houses, who hail from a tiny region which lies within 60 KM radius centered at Jhunjhunu, also called as 'Shekhawati ' .You may caricature them as ‘kanjoos Marwari' but they own the biggest assets. They are an exemplary mix of hard work, history, tradition, tough enterprise ,risk appetite and business ethos. What more do I need to say , even today they stay as joint-family!

Jahan Na Pahunche Rail Gadi,
Wahan Pahunche Bail Gadi,
Aur Jahan Na Pahunche Bail Gadi,
Wahan Pahunche Marwadi


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