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Follow your heart - Chapters 19, 20 & 21.

Updated on February 20, 2017

The proposal-

One afternoon in Venice, Sofia and Stefano were on a ferry which was brimming with Venetians and tourists; it was on that afternoon that Stefano began the conversation of family: engagement, marriage, children, home; while Sofia was genuinely hoping to steer the conversation away from those aforementioned topics, Stefano looked at Sofia quite seriously anyway and searched Sofia's face for an answer--needless to say, Sofia answered him gently and smiled, "Of course"; it was quite romantic, though; to be proposed to on a Venetian ferry :)

Sofia returned to work in Miami and Stefano's letters kept coming while Sofia kept exchanging the loving and promising letters with Stefano and suddenly had a change of heart regarding the engagement to Stefano and all that came with it, too; "How to tell him how I feel is not something I could write and would have to call him soon--even with the time difference between Miami and Venice," Sofia thought;

Soon enough, Sofia called Stefano and told him how she felt and although she spoke in all truth, Sofia Betancourt still felt heartbroken and did not want to lose Stefano as a dear friend-BibiLuzarraga.


The End- A sequel follows:)-BibiLuzarraga.



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