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Writing: How I Write

Updated on March 18, 2013

Following The Muse

You know that little, or very big urge to write something down, well, to me that's my muse calling me to sit down and have at it. I call her "she," because I picture her as this beautiful woman in a long flowing gown with an olive branch in her hair. I always see her in different scenerios surrounded by nature: Lakes; rivers; forests; beaches; mountains; abundant sunshine; warm tempertures, and open land as far as you can see.

When I first read about an artist's muse I wasn't sure what it was. Now I know it's really anything that motivates you to write. It may be circumstance, timing, pondering, day dreaming. Call it whatever you want. Just realize that there is something or someone that motivates you to write. Give into it. Go with it. Capitalize on it. Make money with it. Just listen to your muse and big things will happen for you. It is going to take some time and effort, but it will be worth it, I promise.

I got used to listening to my muse on a regular basis when I wrote articles for my area newspaper. I had to. I had a deadline. I wrote a lot of feature articles so it wasn't hard coming up with witty things to add to my work,. Nevertheless, I listened. I came up with a lot of great leads for my stories. I made them come alive. One story I wrote was about this guy who solocircumnavigated the globe. How hard do you think it was to come up with a great read with this kind of information. I also wrote an article that included Howard Hughes. There was a tie to him in the local court system through a legal employee.My editor thought that it would sell papers, and it did. It even made the front page.

On a daily basis I do it differently. Most days I write after doing a bunch of other things. My muse will show up, and I'm not ready for some reason. Whatever those reasons are, I don't care . I will continue to fight for what's top on the list no matter what.

Now, each day I listen to my muse even more closely. I write whenever I get the indication from her that it's a good time to write. I don't care if I have to go somewhere, or if I feel a need to ahear to some sort of schedule, I sit down and write anyway. It feels great to live the writer's life and have everything as inspiration for the things I write.

If I can't actually sit down at my computer, I'll use a mini tape recorder to capture the ideas that are going through my mind. If I can't do that, I'll write down my ideas in long hand on a piece of paper. If nothing else I'll jot them down on a napkin or whatever I can find. You know how it is to be a writer. You record your world and pick and choose what will become the tales you tell. It's fun. It's living the writer's life, and it's considerably more interesting than concentrating on the same thing all of the time. I always enjoy the idea that the world is my lobster.


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    • move2move profile image

      move2move 5 years ago

      Absolutely agree :-)!

      Perfectly pinpointed