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Following Your Dream To Happiness

Updated on March 7, 2012

Keep Going

We have seen all the books and c.d.'s

Each time reminding us it is possible

From paper to words to thoughts we get lost

Our dream hasn't changed just our actions

Life surprises us with every little obstacle that suddenly appears

We think this can not be happening

I can't believe it again

I was doing so good

I really thought this was it

Then our mind takes over and slowly gets in our head

Who do you think you are ?

Why do you think you have what it takes ?

Your body freezes up like you just fell into a lake

Back to the starting line again

No this time is different

I will not listen to my thoughts that take me in a different direction than I want to be

I have made up my new mind

One that works with me instead of abandoning me

Like a coal miner trapped ten feet under

The surface is so close but still out of reach

I need help and I have decided I can't do it alone

I don't have the strength, time or the money

So I dig deeper into my bleeding heart

To find the solution I have always looked for

I see answers and they are maybe the ones I didn't expect

Let me work through each problem and find a solution to each mess

All my experiences has taken me this far

Now I need one more thing


I have lost mine sometime ago

I got up early and went to the grocery store

Right to the meat section I walked up and down the isle

A young woman asked are you looking for hamburger I am going to bring out more in a minute

Now thanks I have had my fair share of ground beef with lots of fat

Nice fresh sausages are over there

I do need a link but that is not what I am looking for

Turkeys are at the end of the isle

No I have been a turkey and a chicken too many times

How about a nice steak ?

We have some of the best meats

A little to expensive for my taste

How about porkchops they are always good ?

We have nice center cut ones and the price is right

They look fine but what I really need is...

One bag of guts no make it two

The woman stepped back and looked at me funny

I don't think I can help you sir

You might want to ask at the front desk see if they can be more assistance

Now I realize I had what it takes all along and I never had to search far and long

I am off and thanks for you help

But I didn't help you at all

Yes ,you helped me find myself and sometimes that is all one needs

So whatever it takes find yourself first

When that happens your dreams starts to pop like a thousand balloons in a hot house

One by one they explode

You can hear the quick unexpected loud noise

Loud enough for you to hear but gone in a flash

It is always up to you to decide what is right or wrong

Noone can help you

It is also up to you do carry on your dreams as far as they will go

This is where everyone tries to stop you

This is not true ( I over exagerrated the truth to prove a point)

Life can be hard but nothing is impossible

So I leave you for the moment to find yourself and then come back

With more enthuiasm and one great attitude that shines like stars are in the ceiling

Reminding all of us to never give up

Try until you succeed

Then and only then you will find the person who makes you happy at every moment

One thrilled to the bone

So excited none can ever bring you down

Off the wall but never lazy

Unique and different in a good way

Searching every day to become who makes you the happiest

No matter what others think

Satisfied in your own skin

Watching other people succeed often

Watching,watching and watching what they do

We are just like them

Finding our way in the great big ocean of life

Swim my friend like you have never swam before

If you don't know how to swim

Watch how dogs do it

They don't need to be taught

It comes natural as the wind

Fight for what you want and by all means

Share any left over guts with me

Because I got two bags when I could of used three


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