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Follow Up: 50 Shades of Grey - Thoughts on Casting

Updated on March 13, 2014

Shooting is Done - Who Made the Cut

When they first began discussing who would be cast for the movie adaptaton of "50 Shades of Grey" I wrote a hub detailing some casting choices I thought of that might make sense. While I and almost everyone else thought of well-known actors and actresses for the various roles, the show's powers-that-be chose lesser known actors. In hindsight, it mkes perfect sense. While the books are an absolute financial smash, a movie could be very difficult to do for many actors - especially the very well known actors many rumor mills came up with. We all know the racy subject matter, could you realy think Emma Watson needs to do a movie like this? This movie could absolutely make a career, or kill it. However, someone like Emma Watsn doesn't need to do this kind of movie to establish her career.

That being said, I have pulled together pictures of the cast members I could find information for and it is not an exhaustive list by any means. Many major characters are missing even though shooting for the movie has already wrapped. I hav included the characters I could find.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Yes I know many women think he's hot. I only know him from the TV show "Once Upon a Time" and I liked him in that show. Do I think he looks the part? Honestly, no I don't. I believe we tend to think of Christian as very distinguished looking and aloof (at least at the beginning of the series). Dornan gives off an aura of warmth and charm Christian simply doesn't have initially. In any case, he makes a better Christian than Charlie Hunnam would have.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

OK, she has pedigree (she's the daughter of Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame) and Melanie Griffith (of ridiculous Botox fame and, um, oh yeah, Working Girl)). I don't remember seeing her in anything though I know she has been in a few things. She was a blonde before getting the role and she doesn't look bad as a brunette but I look at Dakota and I just don't see it. While she is pretty, she doesn't strike me as the innocent, ethereal beauty I think Ana should come across as.

Eloise Mumford as Katherine Kavanaugh

Oh yeah, I think they got this right. I don't know who she is but I think they nailed this casting choice. I have to say though, honestly, in many pictures I've seen of Eloise, she looks a lot like Katherine Heigl (just the face - I haven't looked at her body type or anything).

Victor Rasuk as Jose Rodriguez

Every picture I see of this actor makes him look younger and younger (and yes the picture I've got here makes him look like he's 12). I'm not exactly sure why but I do think of Jose as being relatively athletic and good-looking (goes fishing, plays pool, carries camera equipment). This guy is cute in a kid brother kind of way. I hope it's just the pictures I've seen of him so far. I've never seen him in anything.

Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Gace Trevalyen Grey

I've seen Marcia Gay Harden in many, many movies over the years and she is a great actress. Not what I was thinking of for Christian's mom but not a bad choice at all.

Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey

Yeah I think they got this casting right too. Luke can be seen in the HBO series Trueblood. I think he looks the part and will look good with Eloise Mumford as Elliot and Kate. There are many pictures of Luke cleaned up but I think he looks the part as he appears here. He does run a construction company so he shouldn't clean up like Christian to begin with.

Rita Ora as Mia Grey

I don't know why big stars were avoided for most of the cast but then they went and casted a music star in the part of Mia. Well, she looks different than Christian and Elliot that's for sure. She's had a few small parts in other movies (she's one of the racers in one of the Fast & Furious movies)so I'm not even sure she can act, but Mia doesn't have a huge role in the first book anyway.

Max Martini as Jason Taylor

I can see this working to. I've never seen him before but I can see him in this role. I still think my first choice would have made a lot more sense (Glenn Morshower - Aaron Pierce from 24).

Jennifer Ehle as Carla Adams

Absolutely spot on with this casting choice. Carla is supposed to be youngish-looking and obviously, as she has been married several times, she needs to come across as an attractive older woman. Jennifer Ehle was a great choice here (my original choice was Andie McDowell but I like their casting better).

Callum Keith Rennie as Ray Steele

Um, OK. Yea I guess he looks like he could pull off the gruff Ray Steele. I'm not as impressed with this choice as I feel this guy could just as easily slip into Hugh Laurie's role on House. I'm just not feeling it here.

Dylan Neal as Bob Adams

We don't see too much of Bob in the books so this is a small role. Bob comes across as a solid guy for Carla to be with and all he really does is briefly interact with Ana when she goes to Georgia. Honestly, I think this guy looks too good to be the completely nondescript Bob.

Many Missing Characters

Well, that's who I can find for now. Odd that I can't find Carrick Grey, Dr. Flynn, Gail, Leila, Jack Hyde or Mrs. Robinson (Elena). As times move forward I'll try to update this with more caast pictures.

See you on Valentines Day 2015!


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    • JessBraz profile image

      JessBraz 3 years ago from Canada

      That is really odd. Maybe they've cast someone that they're trying to keep a secret for some reason? There's been so much buzz about this movie, maybe they think keeping some of it a secret will help to sustain the excitement for it until it opens. ???

    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 3 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Glad you liked it. I think it's weird that I can't find the other main characters and there isn't a place even on the official website for the cast pictures.

    • JessBraz profile image

      JessBraz 3 years ago from Canada

      Very interesting.

      I've never heard of any of these actors, except marcia gay harden.. I think she'll play a good role. Though I am surprised slightly that she even wanted to be part of a racy movie like this.

      I do NOT like their choice for Christian. I don't know who this women are that think this guy is hot, but I'm certainly not one of them. I agree with you, he just looks too damn nicey nice. Christian is supposed to be a control freak and authoritative. I just don't see it at all, and I'm pretty disappointed in their choice. I think Charlie Hunnam would've played a much better Christian.. My #1 choice for Christian though was Travis Finner (he playes Ragnar Lothbrook in Vikings.) He would have been AMAZING as Christian Grey... Or Matt Bommer. He looks more the part to me than this Jamie Dornan fellow.

      Thanks for finding out all this information for us! Much appreciated! I may not like their choice for Christian Grey, but I'm still going to see the movie... now, if only I can convince my husband to come see it with me. lol.

      Voted up!