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Football Time in Tennessee

Updated on August 29, 2011
Aerial view of Neyland Stadium
Aerial view of Neyland Stadium | Source

100 thousand screaming fans

Filling up in Neylands stands

The team runs through the power T

Its football time in Tennessee

The trees turn orange for the vols

Banners hang from all the walls

From hill to hill and tree to tree

Its painted orange for Tennessee

Campfire smells and barbeque grills

Tailgaters running up the hills

Cheering screaming its madness you see

Its because its Football time in Tennessee

Clear blue sky and scarce fluffy clouds

Painted orange cheering crowds

Pigskin breaks the sky so clear

Going deep and running near

A distant voice in all minds around

Hear John Wards voice clear as sound

He’s at the ten, the five, the two the one

Give them six, the vols have won.

Across the country you may not understand

All the screaming, rabid fans

But Rocky top will always be

Home sweet home to Tennessee


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