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For A Friend Who Is Losing Her Mom.

Updated on December 11, 2009

She is but

several breaths away,
from perfect peace,

and pain free days.

This world she

cherish has become,
a toxic place

from which she'll run.

Though cancer

in her brain is bad,
it helps her forget

whats she's had,

Allowing all

sorrows to fade,
into a thought free,

fuzzy shade.

For if you look

at our word friend,
you'll note it

also has an end,
at least on this

plane it must go,
to higher places

from below. 


The flesh remains

the spirit flies

it's temporary

your goodbyes.


She'll dance,

and breathe

there cancer free,
and for your face,

wait patiently.

Eager to tell you

all she's found,
since cancer made

her heaven bound.

Whisper soft prayers,

and hold her hand,
tell her to let God

take command.

He did not choose

her time to leave,
men's free will poisons,

thus we grieve,

Pollutions in

our air and soil,
we breath in,

toxins as we toil.

But he will heal

her weary flesh,
remove her spirit,

let it mesh,
into a new body that he,
has made for her,

Then when her last

breath is set free
whisper your

friendship tenderly,
and sit beside her

through that night,
and beg her go

into the light.

I sat with my Mom

as she died,
and watched her get

what we're denied,
A peaceful joy

that filled the air,
once she had passed

was everywhere,

Far, far beyond

what earth can share.
Death is a portal

to great peace.

Be happy when

her soul's released,
for she will fly

to grander planes,
forever free

from all her pains.

I know it hurts

I've felt it too,
there's not much

I can offer you,
except the promise

that he gave,
believe in him

and he will save,
all of the things

you cherish most,
until you too

become a ghost,
and gather with

the ones you love,
far from today,

high up above.




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    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 7 years ago

      Tremendous to say the least, great stuff and what compassion you have just shared. God bless you and keep on writing. Giving a thumbs up on this one.