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For Aaron...

Updated on March 17, 2015

He is only five,

Yet much older for his age,

Staring at the computer,

Unwilling to eat his Spaghettios,

I see myself in him--

The jutting ears,

Prominent nose,

A cute boy,

Yet not so cute--

Killing zombies,

Spilling his food,

He giggles a lot,

Unaware of what lies before him--

The slow translation into manhood,

Amid the knowing

That only comes with time.

Today, however,

He is still my son,

Yet soon he will be a man--

His own man,

Wrought of destiny,

Forged of experience,

He will tire of his games,

And like all others,

Seek out reality;

Never forgetting, however,

The innocent play of youth--

And the fact

That he will always,


Be my son...


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